I should go buy another gun


⤺ reposted by @0x1fCDRP from Trump says the coronavirus is the Democrats' 'new hoax'

Ha ha ha well said!

I should go buy another gun

Gun’s aren’t the answer.

Start making friends.

I bought a month supply of food

I have friends?

If I knew the world was coming to an end (and I dont) I would start making a lot of friends, because having support is how you survive. This lone ranger stuff only works in movies.

#中共國 瀋陽一女子下樓取快遞,因沒帶身份證,被物業攔截,堅持不讓該女子進樓。

中共 国 A woman from Shenyang went downstairs to pick up the courier. She was stopped by the property because she didn’t bring her ID card.

#中共國 武漢某小區。

中共 国 Wuhan a community.

If you live there, are you afraid? :interrobang:

Is that two bodies?

@drunkenwhiskers suicide or Corona? :arrow_up:

So far from the videos it seems all the bodies are being recovered. Thats a half decent sigh, tells us a lot of logistics are still in place.

#国际資訊 伊朗政府隐瞒了冠状病毒,导致病毒大面积传播。伊朗人民不满,上街抗议


国际 资讯 The Iranian government concealed the coronavirus, causing the virus to spread widely. Iranian people dissatisfied, protest on the street

The Chinese government has also concealed the virus, causing more people to be infected, more dead and even closed the city, and even ran out of food. But the Chinese people are not on the street or protesting. Instead, the Chinese people have more confidence in the government and shout “China Comes” every day.

شم North Korean soldiers with masks

Trying to deal with Corona in North Korea

A photograph of a North Korean soldier wearing a mask while the country’s leader is in military maneuvers

This photo was released by the official North Korean news agency but its location is unknown / AFP

First real evidence we have had that N. Korea is having problems

If Israel is scared we should be too

There a smart people.

Actually Kim does not duck around he had anyone that lied about recently visiting China executed on the spot

Did he used wild dogs or anti-aircraft guns? Last of the great dictators that one.

We posted the story

Weeks ago

See if I can find it.

Antique Corona Clothes for Doctors!

:white_small_square: These clothes are made of very thin, inexpensive material that has no special protection from the doctor against microbial and viral contamination and is made just like the original (outer space) isolates. :red_circle:لباسی تحت عنوان لباس ضد کرونا برای پزشکان !

:white_small_square:این لباس ها از جنس بسیار نازک و ارزان قیمت تهیه شده که هیچ نوع حفاظت خاصی از پزشک در برابر آلودگی میکروبی و ویروسی ندارد و صرفا شبیه لباسهای ایزوله اصلی( معروف به فضایی) تولید شده

I feel bad for Iranian Doctors

totally unprepared

for the nightmare that is coming at them.

I remember Iran unveiling its new super fighter a few years back. Even I could tell it was a mock up.