I really don't know if somebody posted this one before.

I really don’t know if somebody posted this one before.

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It’s fine

I pulled up this article that talks about other people dying from “the flu “ the parents are saying it seemed just like a common cold. That is not how the flu is at all. You can tell when you have the flu

The Asian man in NYC probably just passed out because of arrhythmia

Crosses fingers

I say crossed fingers because I no longer believe anyone of authority when it comes to actual numbers and we do our own due diligence in terms of Actionable Intelligence

you can tell that none of those people have seen the videos from other places

or they wouldnt be surrounding the dude

when will interstate and airports be closed

Only under the most extreme conditions we are nowhere near that happening

Also since we are at 1003 members meet your new admins, I don’t sleep well anymore so thank you guys!!! @threeletteragent @hilary17 and MissEm for stepping up.

Will do my best


No politics Drew, we are above that here

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