I ordered this:

I ordered this:


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Atta boy!!! Worthy of the new world

Stocking up on other stuff too, but figure that’s the reserve.

比印钞票还快,一条产线一天250万个。生产与组合环节不需要到达无菌程度。半成产品 还要经过最少48小时的 紫外线或是臭氧的消毒灭菌。然后在包装的时候就是无菌室操作了。

The two mask machines assembled by the Asian team are now in trial operation and will be delivered to the Kaohsiung mask factory.
Taiwan ’s industrial production capacity is first-rate. It could have been completed in March. It is now assembled and supplied for 5 million a day. After a few days, you are not afraid to buy a mask
It is faster than printing banknotes, and a production line of 2.5 million a day does not need to reach the sterility level in production and assembly. Semi-finished products are also sterilized by UV or ozone for a minimum of 48 hours. Then it is handled in the sterile room at the time of packaging.