I mean who the fuck are they

I mean who the fuck are they

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I just looked over the video a couple more times. The way they hold the guns. The way they walk.
I’m canceling out the medic idea, and agree along the lines with Aries.

Im just saying, Doc trains with the team and does shady shit too

Definitely. Understood.

BREAKING: Japan reports 41 new cases of coronavirus on cruise ship near Tokyo, raising ship’s total to 61

Yes go find some of them on Instagram

They are flipping out

61 :woman_facepalming:t4:

Yes…41 more :cold_sweat:

I emailed @bradleyrotter

We have enough manpower and ex military in here

To set up something off the grid

Hell the Arizona group here is probably all set lol

I might be in AZ soon

For a bit

But… they have to test everybody on the ship!!!

(Reported by Epoch Times reporter Xu Cuiling in Taipei) Pneumonia in Wuhan has spread and more than 30 cities in mainland China have been closed. According to foreign media reports, the Chinese government restricts people from going out, and some industrial activities are halted. Chinese oil demand is expected to decrease by 25% in February and decrease by about 3.2 million barrels a day, equivalent to more than 3% of global oil consumption.
The Financial Times reports that China is the world’s largest oil importer, but with the “cities closed,” air and road transport restrictions, and the resumption of work during the Chinese New Year have also been postponed. The market ’s forecast for a significant drop in oil demand has already caused international oil prices The plunge is likely to further impact market confidence.
Michal Meidan of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies said that China ’s February oil demand is expected to decrease by 3 million barrels to 4 million barrels a day, and it is known

Numbers need to be updated


All the numbers they give are nonsense

I’m in AZ and just added my husband. He is like we need to start stocking up.

Tell him to start scrolling up

突发新闻:马来西亚政府决定,中国封哪做城市,他们就拒绝那里的中国人入境。:face_with_monocle: Breaking news: The Malaysian government decides which city China will block, and they will refuse entry of Chinese there. :face_with_monocle:

Robert welcome

Start scrolling up

You have much to catch up on

Thank you.
I belong to other groups as well. Always looking for more info and knowledge. Thanks much

Wow this group has ballooned, lol

Anyone from China in this group? Whats the consensus on the ground?