I’m currently close to Fort Worth. Not good.

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I’m currently close to Fort Worth. Not good.

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Hi All - I am in desperate need of some help and am hoping someone here has some way of providing assistance.

My dad, who is 70, is semi-fluent in English but primarily speaks Mandarin Chinese, was on the Princess Diamond cruise that was infected with coronavirus. He has been in Japan since the cruise and has tested positive for the virus. He seemed stable/steady until last night when his health declined rapidly. As we understand it, his oxygen levels are decreasing rapidly and while they started administrating the anti-HIV drugs, they aren’t working/he is not improving. The Japanese government has not approved a new anti-viral drug yet so there is nothing else they can do for him right now. Given the language barrier, cultural barriers, etc., we really don’t have great insight into the details of what is going on. As I understand it, from a doctor on the ground but isn’t the one treating my dad, his oxygen levels are decreasing quickly and next steps are they would potentially cut his trachea open.

We have been in touch with the Embassy (the Tokyo office), the Red Cross hospital (where my dad is staying) in Yokohama and the Japanese doctors. We have also been in touch with the Senator Maggie Hassan (my sister lives in NH) and they have been trying to help advocate for answers, color, help, anything.

At this point, a few things 1) ANYONE have any suggestions on how we can get more ADVOCACY, color and clarity on what is going on and what the next steps are for my Dad? The Japanese doctors, as I understand it, are closed off / getting somewhat annoyed about having to talk to the Embassy and there is a huge cultural and language barrier (and yes, there are translators but they are going from Chinese > English > Japanese)

  1. I booked a flight out to Japan for tomorrow. However, I am not sure if I can even go to the hospital to see him (because we cannot get any answers from anyone on this – the Senator is working on it but it’s unclear still if it’s going to be okay) and even if I can, I am likely subject to a 14 day quarantine. I myself have 2 young children including a 10 month old baby but I am at a complete loss at what else to do. I don’t know how I am supposed to pick between potentially never seeing my father again vs being away from my own children for 2-4 weeks.

  2. Any any any help. I dont even know what I am asking for but I am desperate.

**Updated: sorry, I am writing this in tears and cannot even think clearlyi but I want to highlight that my dad is not alone in this. there are hundreds of people being more or less caught up in red tape–including our own fellow US citizens. We have not been able to get any answers and days have gone by where no one will get back to us. My dad has gotten more and more ill and I feel like I am just banging my head up against a wall trying to get answers. I understand he isn’t in Wuhan and in the heart of it, that there are people worse off, etc, but I cannot believe that my dad’s life may be lost because of red tape and the inability to get clear answers. I know there are people there trying really hard and I am so appreciative, but we need to do more.

If you have any other info please let me know.

The poster’s father’s symptoms doesn’t look too good. What he/she describes (rapid deterioration/ lowering of blood oxygen level) is a sign that the man is in his final stage. This is reported in a lot cases that end with the death of the patients. The poster probably should not risk his own safety by traveling to Japan at this moment.

國際 确诊了武汉肺炎的伊朗卫生部副部长刚刚对“武汉肺炎”发表讲话,如你所见,它在这里状况并不理想。

The Iranian Deputy Minister of Health, who has confirmed Wuhan pneumonia internationally, just spoke to “Wuhan Pneumonia”. As you can see, it is not in a good condition here.

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I just came from Walmart and bought some supplies but once I get more money I’m going to get some more items

Don’t discount the dollar store

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars

I have to twist there arm into joining, if they want to stay alive

I will share here if I see anything else. I’m in Dallas myself.

I got dollar tree right behind me but haven’t gone to see what they may have that I can use.
Knowing that 6 confirmed cases in San Antonio Texas then reading about Fort Worth TEXAS. Trying to get what I can all while others judge me thinking I’m crazy :tired_face:

You are not crazy, have you seen our 2 documentaries

No I have not. You have them available?

Thank you. I’m just north of you then. I haven’t lived here long. Being here was just a temporary thing for us.

What’s the link of this group again

First case in Barcelona.
Actually active infections in Spain:
1- Tenerife (Canary Islands)
2-Barcelona (Catalunya).
In addition, 1000 people in quarentine in Tenerife.