I like jokesters like you who have yet realized the hell we’ve entered

I like jokesters like you who have yet realized the hell we’ve entered

⤺ reposted by @NL117 from Mongolian President gives China 30,000 sheep

oh dear

2 people 1 body bad?

Then cremated

Within 3 seconds of the Governor speaking about no cases currently in FL, we have someone calling Foul in the comments. Additionally, I recall a report saying we had at least two in Bonita Springs.

2 rules. No Politics and No Assholes

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It’s fine just bipartisan politics go out the window. This is not about political parties anymore watch the documentaries catch up on the severity of the situation.

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For link just give to our community so they will join us


This is Creepy like predict programming or something

Meanwhile in Italy …

False numbers but the “official publicized” numbers

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took four days to test a woman with the first confirmed case of coronavirus where the origin of the disease is unknown because she hadn’t traveled abroad or been exposed to an infected patient as experts warn the deadly virus could spread in the US like it did in Italy. The woman, who is a resident of Solano County, which is about 35 miles outside of Sacramento, was admitted into UC Davis Medical Center on February 19. But questions are now being asked over the CDC’s handling of the case after an email from medical center officials to employees revealed that the CDC took four days to test the patient for the deadly disease despite requests from staff at the center. It has also been revealed that experts like Dr Adrian Hyzler, the chief medical officer for Healix International, believe the virus could spread in the US overnight like it did in Italy.

Lol :joy:

Lol :joy:


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These don’t look like they would be protective correct ?

I realize better than paper towel method and maybe keep you from touching your face. I don’t see any of the numbers on them?

2 children

Just a heads up if ammo is needed and you have the extra money to do so

Companies blocking asset transfers of stocks and 401k to prevent further sell off… can’t adjust my portfolio this morning…

from argentina

No confirmed cases

Stock market lost 1,000 points in the first 30 min today so far

It rebound a little but not much.

WHO raises risk assessment of coronavirus to ‘very high’ at global level

So how long before California explodes? Another week?