I just bought.

I just bought.

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Good because target cvs walgeeens and Office Depot on-line stores are also our

Aries i predict panic on food by middle next week in US

Kenny Stephens did you pick any of these

Seattle/NY/LA/Boston/SanFran yes. Middle America no

A lot of things are sold out… I think the funniest part is that all the home depots here are sold out of masks yet i don’t see on person wearing one… It’s like people are waiting for it to be acceptable… They are scared of public opinion… I on the other hand don’t give a shit what other people think! I’ll come out in full NBC gear :laughing:.

Oh and then theres this…


Yes i have Vaxart

Aries remember we spoke about FLIR

Its down significantly

You think its a good buy

I doubled down before it went to 3 bucks

:frowning: hmm :thinking:

Depends but I just don’t know if America will adopt the whole laser thermometer to the forehead


The only way FLIR will go up is if Homeland Security/TSA adopts the practice

But then again

Airlines and Leisure travel

Tnxp was worth 9k at one point wtf!

Will be taking a huge hit then next 6 month a

So Jackson maybe no

Unless if you can find indicators that FLIR is going big business in International sales

Or try to find out from someone like @drunkenwhiskers who is manufacturing the CCP laser used at checkpoints

Then invest in them

Thanks for the insight.

If it’s not FLIR

Is TSA is not placing a massive order dump it

Is FLIR allowed to sell overseas

Or restricted in the US only

Only the thermal scopes


But then again they have been found up for sale on WhatsApp