I just bought.

⤺ reposted by @TheWysard from Aries So, in Kenya the people say they are bringing in Chinese by the hundreds From Hubei to get back to work.

I just bought.

Possible case in Newark at University Hospital in NJ

I just assume this shit is here already. Because the time the incubation sets in an people start getting sick, it already has been spreading.

Anyone been able to figure out which 21/22 drugs are manufactured in Wuhan?

This way i don’t slip up an get too comfortable.

Also congrats :tada: room and @tatsuikeda


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I’ve missed y’all too…

I was a little busy. But I’ll be free on the weekend

Coronavirus related :arrow_up: stocks

Don’t know if this has been posted already, but it’s fascinating. And worrisome.


Coronavirus Virus Stocks

Good because target cvs walgeeens and Office Depot on-line stores are also our

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Sanitizer is only 60% alcohol. Use heavy duty hand soap to kill a virus

That’s not online… that’s at your local store… attempt to have some shipped to you

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