I have a homestead-farmstead for sale in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, EU. Fully autonomous. Solar power plant, shed, garden, sauna, buildings, water wells.

I have a homestead-farmstead for sale in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, EU. Fully autonomous. Solar power plant, shed, garden, sauna, buildings, water wells.

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Also The describe in my poor english :
A DOOMSDAY PREPPER FARMSTEAD IN LITHUANIA COUNTRY IS FOR SAL€E In Lithuania, in the European Union country, in a wonderful area like Kernavė, only 5 km from the borders of Molėtai district, in the village of Karališkės (Kingdom village) next to the local mountain, a 2.71 HA homestead is for sale, the plot consists of: eco-ancient and enriched innovation and the latest technologies: 1. A house made of logs, with white walls, plastered with ancient technology in ecological pulp, glazed and with a rocket furnace, and LED lighting, and HIGH-END 300W sound equipment operating from 24 V, suitable for rent for rural tourism, 2. The sauna (which has a shower (water is heated by the sun, heating the sauna, or additional electricity. By the way, the sauna shower has a large hot water tank - enough for a few people), has electricity, water supply, hot, cold. The sauna is steampunk style and and is designed for a maximum of 2 people.The sauna heats up quickly, even in cold weather outdoors, with a small hug of firewood.Very economical.Sauna-shower lighting only from 12 V), 3. The new barn is insulated with eco-wool, also adapted for use as a production room, or warehouse, it is with double-glazed windows, wooden frames. There is water, sewerage, electricity, outdoor and indoor lighting (a small separate solar power plant is used for the barn, completely independent of the house). 4. Garage-workshop, which has its own grounding, brought electricity, compressed air. The roof is installed 30 l. angle so that additional solar modules can be installed quickly and conveniently for the solar power plant. There is a 25 sq. Wire underground entrance from the garage roof to the house. 5. 5200 W Solar power plant with Li-Ion accumulators for energy storage (no need to store LESTO) and MPPT smart VICTRON SOLAR technics technology for charging and monitoring. Remote control of controllers is possible. 6. Ready construction site for a small house. Forced communications. 7. Two used water wells with pumps. 8. Underground communications: water, electricity and sewerage. 9. Concrete underground basement (separate) with ventilation, electricity. 10. about 7 ares of bottom pond dug a dug in a large peat bog - there is especially clean water. You can dig bigger using this ultra-low acid peat for sale to enrich your gardens - the estimated length of the coast is up to 500 m. and will be just yours. 11. Good access, and the homestead has a “ring” for entry and exit, new gravel. The house is equipped with security alarm and video cameras. The homestead is relatively close to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. 1.2 km of good gravel road to asphalt. It is suitable for living an untouched life in COVID19 conditions, as well as for self-catering in the homestead - cheese, milk, yoghurt, vegetables, fruits, nuts. The nearest mobile tower is 5 km away. who will guarantee your safety. The homestead is surrounded by beautiful nature, storks breed in the homestead every year, and are surrounded by forest. Your Life here will guarantee a great deal of your privacy and freedom. There are old and new orchards and fruit orchards, young walnut and vine, putin berries, rowan, apricot. The homestead was designed to allow the family or community to live here fully autonomously. The homestead is renovated and adapted for that purpose. What does everything look like here? The plot consists mainly of buildings on the hill and a “cultivated” extremely low-acid peat bog on the hills, ie 7800 sq. M. area of ​​†‹вЂ‹ the area (up to a depth of 3.5 meters, where the clay - shore of the lake bottom begins) where in the removal of valuable peat will be possible to have 500 m. long lake embankment. This is a great value. Our own autonomous electric power plant based on solar Li-Ion batteries and MPPT chargers and an alternative 24V DC electrical system installed at home allow you to live without a 50 Hz electric field emitting a conventional electrical network. You will be completely independent of anything. If you are interested in it, you can b

uy land or forest. Other surrounding farmers are engaged only in organic farming. 6 km away. - school-gymnasium, church, there are three shops and a kindergarten. The homestead is ready for firewood even 2 winters ahead, so you won’t have to worry about it yet. Suitable for The Doomsday preppers. The documents are in order. All land measurements are completely arranged. Please CALL WITH “TELEGRAM”

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