I have a doubt... how you clean this?

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I have a doubt… how you clean this? Because they say that we have to use disposable masks so we can throw them away as soon as we finish using them. can we sterilize it at home after use? or it becomes dangerous for the viruses in the filters :fearful:

You can take those filters off, and replace them with new ones, but i think you can also cook the respirator in water ( in the same way as babybottles), and then replace the filters

Perfect! Thank you!

Glad to help, lucky i have kids otherwise i wouldn’t have known that😁

We have an original render if you are concerned about quality

I have to try find something like this in Italy :sweat_smile:

Another thing is, most people buy the paper masks, and don’t look further. You’ll have better chances finding this type in store with replacement filters

Like this?

Yes, those

We have them at work, you could walk all day with those on, meaning they don’t make breathing thàt more difficult

And they have a much better fit than the paper ones

What brand is this? Or type?

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