I guess that’s a yes

I guess that’s a yes

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Hey at least I taught you the colors

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CHINA Just started the Draft

Enforced! After the National Day, the soldiers mobilized in the wartime of the motherland, the following personnel must serve! Violators are regarded as illegal and go straight to Beijing. Yesterday, the national wartime mobilization of soldiers, the following personnel must serve! Our Constitution stipulates that it is the sacred duty of every citizen of the People’s Republic of my country to defend the motherland and resist aggression. If the state issues a mobilization order, the people’s governments from the central to the provincial, municipal, county, and township levels, as well as military agencies at all levels, must mobilize quickly. For the mobilization of soldiers in wartime, the following personnel must be in place immediately. 1. Soldiers in active service stop retiring from active service and are on vacation. Soldiers visiting relatives must return immediately. 2. Reserve personnel and national defense students are ready to be recruited into service at any time.

. After receiving the notice, they must report to the designated place on time. 3. According to the needs of wartime, the State Council and the Central Military Commission may decide to recruit male citizens between 36 and 45 years old to serve in active service. The time for active service is determined by the State Council and the Central Military Commission. G O

Did China just announce a draft? Can any Chinese speaker confirm? I used Yandex translate

This is huge!!!

Could that be the october surprise?

WW3 baby

this will give them an even clearer view of their power and fighting numbers

On behalf of the actual military involvments of China, could it be because of the firefights with India?

or are we looking into massive deploymenets to the west?

because this could lead to a very, very swift change of plans…

I hope you’re wrong dude

Taiwan maybe?
or related to the airspace invasion by Russia couple days ago?

Can the situations with India and Taiwan start a world war?

now, this is what I’m wondering

considering the Military Coup that Russia just pulled of with Belarus (because that’s what it is), and the mobilization of Turkish forces on Europe border…

Imagine invading Beijing with the Marines oh man the horrors the world will find out about what’s under the Forbidden City

Horrors under Beijing?

Care to explain Aries?

History tends to follow a certain pattern, and Russia is anything but willing to abandon its invasion plans (just like 1900")

oh boy looks like the picture is coming together, and now I wonder,

What the hell will happen where I live, in Spain?

I don’t want no bloody civil war, that is even worse

and just now Catalans are talking about “independence frome the crown”

What a peculiar world