I get how you are worried but I try to help you.

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Mi tierra :heart::argentina:

I get how you are worried but I try to help you. Doomsday prepper group and if you have trouble taking someone’s life there is trouble. Shooting too wound or not kill is inhumane and ineffective. Once you have decided that a shot is justified in your mind you shoot to kill.

hows the winter this year???

I believe the last two that got shot were in the group chasing after him for shooting the 1st guy. So maybe he could argue his life was in danger.

What happened to this chat.

Falling into the trap

nothing just emotions are high

guys stop this Divide and Conquer

What level of doomsday are you referring to?
Riots aren’t doomsday

When the food runs out
Half the earth is underwater
And the other half is on fire
Maybe then doomsday
And open killing is justified
To protect ones family

But random killing inside city’s
Is not !!!

I think it has gotten so bad because the government failed to enforce the laws. If you knew you could trust the system (which we don’t) then you wouldn’t be so worried about someone coming and messing with your stuff because you would know your stuff would be replaced and the offender punished. You wouldnt feel the need to take matters into your own hands.

Según mi familia, terrible…, como todo en Argentina…

stay strong :muscle:mantenerte fuerte

Eso siempre :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:That always :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

me parece que CV no a golpeado argentina muy fuerte por lo menos, chile sí