I found this article. I thought it might help with people’s friends and family to try and get the message through in a measured way:

I found this article. I thought it might help with people’s friends and family to try and get the message through in a measured way:

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Underrated read. Very well written with the current data points

Thx for posting

I thought so too, well worth sharing. Good way to communicate with people that don’t know much about this and have a shorter attention span than us lol

Yes. I have been wanting to write one similar…

He covers most parts but for a self catering kit and what is needed if in case a virus breakout happens in your locality and the Govt is unable to provide Healthcare

That’s what I’d want to focus on. Let me know if anyone has anything to add on


He’s banned

For asking for a blood sample of coronavirus

This guy Thierry just messaged me to justify why he wants to buy a coronavirus blood sample

On Feb 25th, the official number of cases in Wuhan were listed at 7915. Three days later, Feb 28th, it’s 13.720. It’s still spreading like wildfire and it’s not going away anytime soon. I’m going try and get another months of food and water

Blocked him

Since I started tracking from Feb 15, Wuhan’s percentage of Hubei’s cases has GROWN not shrunk. 7% on Feb 15, 12% on Feb 25, and 20% on Feb 28th.

I think this is very bad news

But those are the official bullshit numbers

Or it could mean Wuhan is just completely hopeless and the rest of the province is containing well. Hard to say

They are making public

Yes but you can infer trends by ratios

It’s not the numbers is the percentages. I somewhat assume they lie evenly

I think @Crypto_Lifer is right

Over a million dead now

And I’m wrong

That it’s over 850k by now

:see_no_evil: Who asks for infected blood. Crazy





武汉病毒🦠 谁投放的?共济会光明会告诉你,95年共济卡牌

1)Plague if Demons 魔鬼的誓言


这次武汉病毒 带有兽印的中国共济会干的,邓系,江派,上海帮,金融帮都是共济地下党。所以 P4是江儿子掌控的。红十字是共济掌控的。CDC也是江派掌控的。


Wuhan virus :microbe: Who launched it? Freemasonry Illuminati tells you that the Freemasonry card of 1995

  1. Plague if Demons Devil’s Oath
    Q: What is the oath? Answer: Bat virus spread Wuhan
    Wuhan, bat plague, sacrificial sacrifices to the Masonics are planned on the card! Living rituals every April.

  2. Epidemic infectious diseases, plague: Red Cross, isolation, masks, gloves, plague.

This time the Wuhan virus carried the Chinese Freemasonry with a beast seal. The Deng line, the Jiang faction, the Shanghai gang, and the financial gang were all Masonic underground parties. So P4 is controlled by Jiang’s son. The Red Cross is controlled by Freemasonry. The CDC is also controlled by Jiang faction.

Animalized and demonized Chinese are beasts. The jungle rules they practice, weak meat and strong food, all cruelty, self, harm to others, self-harm, fortune and life, shameless promiscuity … feel that the beast is reasonable.

Make earth great again :joy: think I peed a little



In the expert group of his wife Tongrentang, several doctors of traditional Chinese medicine said: So many pneumonia patients were cured by western medicine. To use xx side, the epidemic will end in two weeks. Someone asked, is that old recipe good? Answer: It is all plague, the same treatment. It seems that for every disease in which Western medicine does not have a specific medicine, Chinese medicine will come out and say that there are secret recipes.

The argument that TCM proves that Western medicine is ineffective is probably the last scene of most old Chinese medicine’s life was hanging in a bottle and dying at the Western Hospital. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

wow!中国外交部官员:如疫情严重,将积极协助和安排国外中国公民回国。 战狼,间谍,CNMB学渣,老粉红,赤纳粹,代购,中国病毒们,你们的病毒发源地要接你们回家和亲娘团聚了!这是中共诞生以来做过的唯一一件正确的事儿!世界人民感谢你,急盼立即执行,在线等!

wow! Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China: If the epidemic situation is severe, they will actively assist and arrange the return of Chinese citizens abroad. War wolf, spy, CNMB student scum, old pink, red Nazis, purchasing agents, Chinese viruses, your virus’s birthplace will pick you up and reunite with your parents! This is the only right thing that the Chinese Communist Party has done since its birth! The people of the world thank you, eager to implement it immediately, wait online!

My husband has to fly to Sacramento in 3 weeks for work. He’s flying there 3 more times in April and May as well. He’s said we (our toddlers and I) can leave to stay with my parents in the country for the whole time beginning in 3 weeks, and that if we stay home he’s not going to live in isolation from us in between trips. I have a 3yo and 1yo and am in dallas. Would you stay home or go to the country without him and not see him or be home for 2 months?