I don't find any blood group B. Guess they are from bad quality... I am safe. 😜


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I don’t find any blood group B. Guess they are from bad quality… I am safe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The quality is not tied to blood type. I checked that - I was wondering if certain blood types were being targeted but the blood types seem incidental.

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Translation of pg 1 from German:

"I’m sending you photocopies and prints because I’m scared. I’ve ordered usb sticks at amazon, which I’ve reveived last week.
One of the stick’s package was opened, and on the stick were pdf documents.
At first I wanted to send the stick back, but then I figured I might as well see what was on them.
I can’t read English very well, but it is my understanding that it’s a list with trafficked children.
They get taken or imprisoned to be used and abused. It’s really awful.
A Firm named CYM has a camp where they disable- dismantle the children.
They offer that including getting the adrenochrome which they sell.
Disposal is named care relief.

There are hundreds of pages of which I can only print out a view for you.
There are also lists and photos of adults, of whom I think they keep these children captured.
I can’t find anyone here that believes me.
They all say I’m imagining things.
But it’s true, Q says this happens too.
So I’m coming to you, because your site tells the truth about Q."

Thank you @jetje110 and @chrisi8 for your help with this translation work. I appreciate it!

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“I wanted to write to Trump too, but the mail always gets checked.
I can’t send any mail because I’m afraid that of the clever childkillers of which Q speaks.
I looked up some of the names (not all) and they all look serious.
I am really scared if my letters are found or shared, my name can’t be used, cause my son is also the age of those poor kids.”

“I wish you strength and I thank you. If I have to send more I have to be careful. Just write on your website Steffi, and I will answer.”

You’re welcome

Еще одно видео очевидцев с места катастрофы. Украинские военные подтвердили крушение самолета под Харьковом. Ан-26 разбился при заходе на посадку, есть погибшие и раненые. Предварительно, погибли как минимум пять человек.

Another video of eyewitnesses from the crash site. The Ukrainian military confirmed the plane crash near Kharkov. An-26 crashed while landing, there are dead and wounded. Previously, at least five people died.

Look through the companies that BioCity has in its portfolio. Many of them are either listed in the requisitions or tied to the companies that are via investmemt.

Oh boy this is going to be a lot to translate for the Russians.


@miette057 How do you think :face_with_monocle:?

I want you to go through and figure this out for yourself so you learn how to do it. I want you to hunt down the entities that fund Misbar which is a “fact-checking” site and report back on that.

We’re concerned with intel here. Follow the money: Who benefits by saying this is false?


Australian farmer not allowed to drive his hay across border to feed sheep. Told to fly 43 tons in.

Irish man ordered to kill his whole herd of cows

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I’m going to post a Surivior Manual that’s being shared in the Chinese Rooms


first in Chinese then English

克勞施維茨說戰爭是政治的延續(Der Krieg ist eine bloße Fortsetzung der Politik unter Einbeziehung anderer Mittel)。他強調了戰爭的複雜本質中包含了的社會政治以及國家的政策。
由於海峽的寬度並不相等,海峽水域 臺灣海峽最窄處是福建省平潭島與新竹商港之間,直線距離130公里(81英里);最寬處是屏東縣的貓鼻頭到福建省東山島的澳角,直線距離410公里(250英里),平均為270公里,大約是從台北的中正紀念堂到台南的奇美博物館的直線距離。
除了特殊的目的,戰爭的目標通常都是武裝部隊的有生力量或防禦體系,很少會以平民做為目標,因此美軍對於戰爭中的平民死傷,通常都會用附帶傷害(Collateral Damage)作為描述。基於戰爭的進程,解放軍必須在第一波中削弱爭奪空優的阻力,時間大約會在凌晨的4點左右展開,這樣才能趕得上第二波在始曉(太陽出來的時間)前發動。
























由於通信系統必然成為攻擊的目標,所以無論是電力、行動通訊或是網路、電話等通信基礎設施必然會在首波打擊中遭到大面積的破壞,所有現代3C 設備只是加重您避難時的負擔,為了瞭解外界所發生的情況,您最好要準備一部收音機用以收聽無線電廣播的最新訊息。











文/邱世卿 2020.9.23

he civilian survival manual in the first wave of war
Klauschwitz said that war is a continuation of politics (Der Krieg ist eine bloße Fortsetzung der Politik unter Einbeziehung anderer Mittel). He emphasized the social politics and state policies contained in the complex nature of war.
I am not happy to see a war on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, but the social atmosphere in Taiwan now has the possibility of an early war. I have personally experienced life in the 921 disaster area and a little understanding of war. This article is to help improve the survival probability of friends and family members in case of war.
The so-called first wave of war refers to the 24 to 48 hours after the air defense sirens sounded. You must pay attention or be mentally prepared. I will try my best to list them in a focused and simple way to help You remember.
Since the width of the strait is not equal, the narrowest part of the Taiwan Strait is between Pingtan Island in Fujian Province and Hsinchu Commercial Port, with a straight line distance of 130 kilometers (81 miles); the widest point is Maobitou in Pingtung County to Fujian Province Ao Jiao on Dongshan Island has a straight line distance of 410 kilometers (250 miles), an average of 270 kilometers, which is about the straight line distance from Taipei’s Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall to Tainan’s Chi Mei Museum.
The distance determines the way the war is launched.
Since the width of the Taiwan Strait is not wide, modern long-range rockets, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles are all within the range of strikes. Therefore, we can predict that the first wave will be various rockets and missiles, targets It will be airports, air defense missile positions, radar stations, and communications and command centers.
Except for special purposes, the goal of war is usually the effective force or defense system of the armed forces, and civilians are rarely targeted. Therefore, the US military usually uses Collateral Damage to describe civilian casualties in war. Based on the course of the war, the People’s Liberation Army must weaken the resistance to the air superiority in the first wave, which will start at about 4 in the morning, so as to catch up with the second wave before dawn (the time when the sun comes out).

When the missile strikes, the only warning we can get is that the radar detects a flying object flying towards Taiwan.
The definition of air defense warning: refers to the 70-mile (80 miles) from the coastal edge of Taiwan’s main island as the warning line, and the sixty-five miles (75 miles) from the coastal edge of the Penghu area as the warning line. When the control center (abbreviated as ACC) learns the track of an enemy aircraft or unknown aircraft, determines that there is a possibility of attacking the island of Taiwan and the Penghu area, and enters within our warning line, it will issue an emergency warning order.

70 miles is equal to 129.5 kilometers. Converted to 2 times the speed of sound, we have about 3 to 4 minutes of warning time from the detection of the missile landing.
In accordance with our current national alert sending mechanism and the response of the civil air defense air raid alert release facilities in various regions, the prelude of this war will start on a dark night when everyone is awakened by the national alert messages received by mobile phones and the air raid alert simultaneously deployed across the island. .

Please remember that for a long time to come, government or social relief or relief measures will not exist, and you must rely on yourself.

Take refuge
After receiving the alarm, your first action besides wearing clothes is to stay away from the glass of any room window, because the shock wave generated by the subsequent explosion may break the window glass, and the spattering debris may cause seriousness to you and your family. Do not rush to the street outside to seek refuge at this time, because the glass curtains used extensively in modern buildings may be damaged in a large area in the shock wave of the explosion,

and these glass fragments falling from the sky may make you on the street He suffered fatal injuries while seeking refuge.

The best strategy is to find a room without windows, then lie down or squat against the wall and the floor, support the upper body with both arms, leave the chest on the ground, and avoid strong shock waves hitting the chest cavity and causing internal injuries.

If you have windows in every room, you should choose the position of lying down or squatting carefully. You can stand on the window and use the flashlight to shine. The wall that cannot be illuminated by the light is the safe area.

If the explosion site is very close to you, please remember to keep your mouth slightly open when you lie down and squat to avoid the pressure difference caused by the shock wave causing rapid lung expansion and injury.

Unless there are instructions to call for rescue outside, please stay in this position and don’t panic waiting for dawn. After dawn, you can pack up the necessary and necessary items, and then find a safer place to evacuate.

If permitted, please put on a cotton coat or clothing before going out, because the high temperature will melt nylon and stick to the skin, causing more serious burns. Your hat will be a very important protection and temperature accessory, even if it is Peaked caps are very effective. Never wear a hat with eye-catching colors, this will cause unnecessary trouble for yourself

On the road leading to the shelter, please try to avoid driving on all elevated roads, because when you are on this kind of road, any section of the road is blown up and collapsed, and you will be trapped on the elevated road and cannot get off, even if Abandoned the car can not climb back to the ground.

A place where you can safely evacuate for a long time must include:

  1. The ability to cover and cover.
  2. Adequate food and clean drinking water.
  3. Emergency medicine.
  4. Controllable fire or heat source.
  5. There are adequate safety barriers.

Masking and the ability to cover
Concealment refers to the ability to block the fragments produced by the explosion. Each of these high-speed flying fragments can cause fatal damage. Shading refers to the ability to isolate the effects of bad weather, such as high winds or rain.

Adequate food and clean drinking water
During the evacuation period, we still have to replenish calories and water. Therefore, any food that can be easily handled and eaten is a good choice. It depends on the length of time needed to evacuate. A simple estimate is that a person needs 2 pounds per day. (0.9 kg) of food, if you need to evacuate for a week, you will need about 6.3 kg of food.

Compared with food, clean drinking water is more important, because in the case of dehydration, people’s physical strength will be lost quickly, and unclean drinking water is more likely to bring serious consequences.

An adult needs 3000cc of drinking water a day, and in the case of evacuation for a week, he must obtain 21 liters of clean drinking water.

Emergency medicine
We cannot guarantee that we will not get sick or injured during the evacuation process, so preparing appropriate emergency medicines can prevent the injury from worsening or save lives.

Usually in a war environment, we are most vulnerable to various cuts, trauma, and gastrointestinal discomfort caused by unclean water or food. In extreme conditions, we should prepare disinfectant iodine and antibiotics. , Clean bandages, scissors, and gastrointestinal medications, which can help us avoid worsening injuries due to infection or dehydration due to diarrhea before obtaining medical resources.

Controllable fire or heat source
In winter or bad weather, loss of temperature is the biggest challenge to life maintenance. Heat sources can not only be used to heat food, but also help maintain body temperature. Therefore, heat sources can be generated through fire or other appliances, which can be used for young children in refuge or sickness. It is very important for people, and the brightness of the fire can also provide psychological

comfort and security.

Have adequate safety barriers
When the war breaks out and the subsequent social order collapses, other people who have also taken refuge may become the biggest threat to our survival, especially when we meet the aforementioned conditions and there is no danger of lack of basic supplies, you must beware Other people will rob you of your resources. These people may use various names or titles, but they may just want to rob you of the only materials or drugs in your hand.

A measure that can provide barriers, such as a sturdy iron gate, fence, or even an entrance that is difficult to break, is enough to let them dispel their thoughts and turn to find easier targets.

Don’t believe those young people who are shouting to fight to the last place, they just want to snatch the food that you and your children depend on for survival, or your beautiful daughter as a tool for venting.

During the war, noble humanity was rarer than the white rhino.


Since the communication system will inevitably become the target of the attack, the communication infrastructures such as electricity, mobile communications, networks, and telephones will inevitably suffer extensive damage in the first wave of attacks. All modern 3C equipment will only aggravate your evacuation. Burden, in order to understand what’s happening outside, you’d better prepare a radio to listen to the latest radio news.

As long as you know more information than others, your chances of survival will be higher than others.

In particular, please do not use radio or radio equipment that can send radio waves at will. Even if it has such a function, do not send messages at will, because all warring parties on the battlefield will use radio signal detection as a means of searching for the enemy. Being misunderstood as a target, shells may fall near your shelter.


A single evacuation place or family is very fragile. During this time, you should try your best to contact other trusted asylum or friends nearby. A quickly organized group can support each other in times of difficulty. Materials, while maximizing the survival probability of the entire group.

Unless you are fully sure, please do not pick up guns as self-protection weapons, because all those who hold guns on the battlefield will be regarded as soldiers, regardless of whether they are wearing military uniforms.

If you are forced to take up guns or weapons for self-defense because of the chaotic social order, it is best to have people who have received military or combat training as the command, so that you can more effectively protect the refugee groups, because of the survival of the veterans on the battlefield The probability is usually exponential times that of a rookie.

Remember, the purpose of self-protection is not to allow the strong to survive, but to allow the old and the weak, women and children to survive the difficulties.


Of course, a more detailed survival manual is not only the ones mentioned above, but the length of Facebook is not suitable for writing like a paper manual. I can only remind you of some questions that I think of, and I hope it will help you a little bit.

As long as you survive the shocking 24-48 hours, your chances of safety will increase a lot.

Text/Qiu Shiqing 2020.9.23

Chinese Preppers are in full swing getting ready

What do you think?

War is imminent?

Even the Chinese Preppers emphasize “As long as you know more information than others, your chances of survival will be higher than others.”

:us: American Media, CSPAN::
— “Bryant Johnson, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s personal trainer, does push-ups as Justice Ginsburg lies in state in the U.S. Capitol.”

after analyzing your intel… yes it is

Use Actionable Intel accordingly and adjust your timelines.

Goes for all of you.

It’s going to be hell, towards the March to Beijing

For All Sides

and remember the DRAFT/Mobolization in China has already started.

Venezuela :venezuela: has some new toys

Conflict Observer, early today:

“Military showcase at Fuerte Tiuna today.
— The Venezuelan military has had a delivery of weapons from China recently. Soldiers are equipped with QBZ-97 rifles and CS/LS7 submachine guns.”

after knowing all this blackworld stuff, i am wondering why they need that much manpower