I don’t think the right one has good effects

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I don’t think the right one has good effects

Yeah I wasn’t sure about those

When I was in Japan, nobody buy that one to protect themselves from virus

People are starting to wear masks in Seattle

Mostly Asian tourists, but there are also some prepared locals doing it

Good to know

That’s good,should do that

I definitely will wear those when revolution comes in China(lol)

Aries thx needed that today

I do 3 rounds i might be overdoing it but better safe than sorry

:warning: The Scientific Technical Committee wanted by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte sent a document tonight to the ministry of health with all the recommendations that Italians should observe to avoid contagion in the next 30 days. These are the first indications:

  1. Maintain a distance of at least two meters between one person and another

  2. No kisses or handshakes

  3. Avoid crowded places

  4. Anyone with a fever stays at home even if they don’t suspect they have contracted the virus

  5. Avoid any type of event, including sports.

Latest #Coronavirus figures from the Italian Govt: 2,263 positive cases, an increase of 428 compared to just yesterday.

The deaths have also shot up to 79, an increase of 27 from Monday.

The situation region by region: (contagi-infected, morti-dead)

Lombardia: 1520 contagi, 55 morti
Emilia Romagna: 420 contagi, 18 morti
Veneto: 307 contagi, 3 morti
Piemonte: 56 contagi
Marche: 61 contagi, 2 morti
Campania: 30 contagi
Liguria: 24 contagi, 1 morto
Toscana: 19 contagi
Lazio: 14 contagi
Friuli Venezia Giulia: 13 contagi
Sicilia: 7 contagi
Puglia: 6 contagi
Abruzzo: 6 contagi
Trento: 4 contagi
Molise: 3 contagi
Umbria: 8 contagi
Bolzano: 1 contagio
Calabria: 1 contagio
Sardegna: 1 contagio
Basilicata: 1 contagio