I don’t get the Holocaust connection but okay

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I don’t get the Holocaust connection but okay

There is someone that knows something about London? People on twitter talk about 4 plane stock at the airport for cornavirus but I can’t find official news.

I’m next to Heathrow airport right now actually

I read 7, no 8


I might take it off NSFL/NSFW though hurting the views probably

Check out this video on YouTube:

Behold the positive spin…

Definitely need to vet more for version 2. One vid was Hong Kong and not dead and vid was epilepsy

I could use a collaborator to get things like dates, location, context

People are extremely critical and will dismiss the whole thing as “shit” if they find something amiss

Still we at 3600 views not amazing but it’s a start

Thk :blush:

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No leave it, and risk being deleted

You’re right — maybe it would be easier to focus down on the most relevant/informative clips as well, and put more individual effort in — subtitles etc.