😡 I do not like the agenda.

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:rage: I do not like the agenda.

Bet we could find the original hanger and photo

Why Optics Matter.

Why not

I love SMEs and that people can organize themselves. I do not like the nanny state culture.

Amazing!!! miumiu

Eat a Dick Space Force

I am expert in this field and telling friends since 5 years there will be some kind of climate lockdowns due to weather events and carbon emissions.

Leave clown world behind

Can you do a class on how to earn a living when you leave clown world behind?

I did

The economic 2021 class?

For the ones who feel they are worthy.

Start here to explore paths into the Black World. Literally leave the bullshit behind :rocket:

Winter miumiu lol :joy:

Space Force is sloppy as fuck

I’m 95% sure that Capt. Durwood “Hawk” Jones never existed

Thanks for the reminder. Working on it since ages. Will continue getting better and stronger. When I will be to old my children will find the way.

Better yet,how can one survive? Is the path of being a hermit the only option?

If property rights are taken

…then we lost

See we have this thing called bitcoin

Which Fucks there whole plan up

Hmm :thinking:

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