I can't really blame them.

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Dumb fucking idiots

I can’t really blame them. They have the white worlds best technology telling them how to feel, what’s true, and what to do about it. Human brain doesn’t stand a chance against a computer that’s trained to fuck with it.

The biggest problem right now to me is that the events of this year read like a facebook timeline. Every video or event that happens seems like it’s built to capture attention for the longest period of time possible, much like advertisements. When public interest in that wanes they push out something new to keep people hooked. AI probably controls 90% of the news this year.

It’s sad to see so many people consumed by the constant feed of information. They will be absolutely blindsided when its all in the open.

That’s a really good perspective & I understand exactly what you mean by that Winter

Wish I had an answer for what to do about it though. It’s like watching a slomo train crash

By the way guys, I have been prepping for the past couple months & have racked up a lot of flour, water, rice, olive oil, & sugar. I haven’t really been picking up too much canned food. Does anyone have a good list of foods to have if food shortages do hit? I’ve noticed some things have been leaking out into the MSM & want to be completely prepped before the masses start to realize what’s going on

Youtube has alot of decent videos. Truly you stock what you’ll eat

record what your household eats/drinks for a week then average it. Then multiply it by 52 for a year supply or whatever you can afford. It’s a different number for everyone.

if you can try to build in a calorie deficit so that you don’t stand out. If everyone is scraping by and you’re gaining weight it makes you stand out.




It’s all orchestrated

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