I can see it now

I can see it now

US Army (Delta Force) detains Jack Dorsey, charged with Sedition and Treason

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The balls on this guy. (Or what they have on him.) Holy hell.

China’s President Xi tells his soldiers to ‘focus on preparing for WAR’ as he visits a marine base

This flight, from Australia to London along with yesterday’s exodus should tell you all you need to know.

Remember New Zealand is closer but they are no longer letting anyone in.

UK :uk: bunkers are second to none

Than in itself alone should tell you the tier of these Elites

Not smart or rich enough to have entered New Zealand

But Panicked enough to go to London and hunker down


They’re all built out underneath Downing since WWII. Plus the Underground. Everyone was surviving by sleeping down there at night during the Blitz.

He’s in New Zealand

Wizard Thiel saw all this coming in 2007

I know which was in response to NZ comment

His bunker purchase was one of the first to hit the media in that bizarre slew of puff pieces about luxury bunkers that came out.


Project Pegasus is in overdrive as the World will see Rocket Troopers if China goes to war

Which is also why he took Palantir Public. Blow out his shares

Take notice

This is how DARPA does Saber Rattling against China

Notice this was a Chinese plane :airplane:

We are going to breakout the toys for this war :teddy_bear:

He all

I had a question

Breaking out the toys is at least partial disclosure. :thinking:

Last time we went out we had to deal with a blizzard and a bear encounter.
I was prepared for both but… learned a lot about our gear.
What are you using as a shelter?

Search the chat for #extremeweather

Second picture from the flight :airplane: from Australia into London

Looks like a lot of car camping…

There’s a lot of info in there for surviving cold weather emergencies.