I buy from here for long term

I buy from here for long term

⤺ reposted by @0x1bhlGj from Not LDS but they do have a lot of good storage information on their site. You can also check to see if they have a store near you to purchase long term food from. They have some of the best prices.

Checking them out now!
Thank you!

When buying any n95 n100
Doesn’t matter where you get it from right? I’ve been search Walmart but nothing and I googled more around me and I got auto zone parts -

Auto parts places are probably one of the best places to search

Okay Then I’ll go with them then since it’s been hard finding some here

Get them anywhere you can

Did anyone confirm? 3M was supposedly nationalized by the chinesse government so you wont be seeing any of those I imagine.

Please let me know if you find anything all the auto parts stores are even sold out I’m finding so if anyone finds a link to any please share even in private message thanks


Totally bought

I’m looking online Marcus do you have a link?

I actually have these but they aren’t disposable looking for something to cover over them.

Someone asked me how I am preparing for the Corona Virus.

I sent them this:


We will do a batch in a moment

Looks like Doctor Doom himself has joined us

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On February 25th, in order to complete the resumption order of the central government, the Wenzhou government in Zhejiang forced the company to start work and set a hard target for the completion of 3,000 kilowatt-hours of power. The boss of the enterprise enters the factory before the workers have been on the job, so that all the machines are connected to the power supply, and they are idling, so that the superior can count the operating rate.


I told Nouriel on Feb 1st…

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