I been putting my salt in these jars

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I been putting my salt in these jars

How’s your family

You keeping them ahead of the curve

You better be

You all better be

Great man. Got another toy this weekend… you already know this @AriesAzazel parents just bought duel fuel whole house generator for their home.

Teach em Beau :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Wife and i picked up some more flour this weekend and beans

You gotta man. Currently bidding on 2 more Romanian ak47s just as extras for someone in my group


No point in practicing and preparing if your gonna be robbed…


Guys while we all buy ammo,food,medical. Dont forget about “joy” preps. I actually just bought a few packs of crayons. Colored pencils. Blank notebooks,gonna be getting coloring books. I have uno cards put away,normal cards. Even the small things in a joyless society will make your mental so much stronger and that could be what makes you survive or not.

Prepping is just as mental as it is about physical things.


The Panyu District Education Bureau receives the report from the Panyu District Health Bureau:
At 7:35 on September 21, a citizen was reported to be injured by a knife at the Junxing Road section of Zhongcun Street.
At present, 3 children have been plugged into ventilators and 2 children have stopped breathing. :pray::pray:

Work is changing profoundly and NYC will not be able to adapt

Girl you’re 74 years old Nobody knows who the fuck you are anymore​:spider_web::spider_web::spider_web::spider_web::spider_web::broom::broom::coffin:


The communists in the U.S. are all fed up; their brains are full of dreams about the beauty of communism. They should all be sent to North Korea to experience the beauty of true communism. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Lol Hong Kongers are hilarious :joy:

“The DOJ designates New York City, Portland and Seattle as ‘anarchist jurisdictions’”


Department Of Justice Identifies New York City, Portland And Seattle As Jurisdictions Permitting Violence And Destruction Of Property

New Lockdowns are coming in London/UK

Our New Batman

Fighter Pilot

App wars / war on big tech continues. Where is it headed


:rocket::cn: The Long March-4B launch vehicle today launched into orbit the HaiYang-2C remote sensing satellite from Jiuquan Cosmodrome, Gansu province, in northwest China, at 05:40 UTC (13:40 local time).
Developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the HY-2C will form a network with the previous HY-2B and subsequent HY-2D to carry out high-precision maritime environment monitoring.

:rocket::cn: Сегодня ракета-носитель Long March-4B вывела на орбиту спутник дистанционного зондирования HaiYang-2C с космодрома Цзюцюань, провинция Ганьсу, на северо-западе Китая, в 05:40 UTC (13:40 по местному времени).
Разработанный Китайской корпорацией аэрокосмической науки и технологий, HY-2C сформирует сеть с предыдущим HY-2B и последующим HY-2D для проведения высокоточного мониторинга морской среды.

Azerbaijan declared a general mobilization

Irán, Rusia y China han iniciado este lunes maniobras militares a gran escala en el sur de Rusia, en las que utilizarán equipos militares avanzados.

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:point_up:Iran, Russia and China have started this Monday large scale military maneuvers in southern Russia, using their most advanced military equipment

*Source is Iranian :iran:

Azerbaijan declared a general mobilization

Where Iran come from here?
Russian media didn’t write anything about Iran

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Cannot confirm but turkish uavs said to be spotted on air near armenian border

Putin and Soros are two identical scoundrels

2 years ago, Putin compared his “chef” Prigozhin with Soros

Soros himself believes that Putin is a greater threat to the existence of Europe than ISIS

However, last year Soros said that Xi Jinping is even worse than Putin :joy:

In regards too

:arrow_up: I wonder how this relates to the decree that Trump signed today on sanctions against anyone who supplies weapons or their components to Iran.

Is he talking about both individuals and legal entities.