i am sure the martial artist would fall down against the hypnotic indian dance

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from When the WHO investigation report to China was translated into Chinese and published, the most important sentence was "inadvertently" omitted: "Redesvir in the United States is the only effective drug for the treatment of new coronaviruses."

i am sure the martial artist would fall down against the hypnotic indian dance

This is from one of the most respected herbalists alive. Stephen Buhner -

Corona virus treatment. I have an analysis of how corona viruses infect tissues, what tissues they infect, and the herbs that are useful to interrupt that process, as well as the herbs useful to shut down the cytokine cascade they create on pages 52-55 of Herbal Antivirals. It is useful reading in that it can inform treatment from a knowledgeable place (there are also some suggestions, not often used by medical professionals, for specific pharmaceuticals that have been found to be useful). Here is a sample protocol. Please note it is rather more extensive than the ones i normally suggest, this is because the particular corona virus that is now spreading world wide is exceptionally potent in its impacts. Again, this is only a suggested protocol, but all the herbs are specific in one way or another for this virus. A number of the herbs are strongly antiviral for corona viruses. In general, I would only begin using these formulations IF there is good reason to believe that the virus is entering your area. The formulations are preventative as well as specific for acute infections, the only alteration is the dosage. Three tincture formulations and one tea.

Core tincture formulation: Baikal skullcap (3 parts), japanese knotweed root (2 parts), kudzu (2 parts), licorice (1 part), decocted elder leaf tincture (1 part). Note, the berry will do i guess but it is about 1/3 as effective as the decocted leaf (which no one sells, you have to make it yourself). Dosage: 1 tsp 3x day, 6x if active infection.

Immune system, cellular protection, cytokine interruption tincture formulation, supportive for core tincture activity: Cordyceps (3 parts), Dong Quai (2 parts), rhodiola (1 part), astragalus (1 part). Dosage: same as above.

Cellular protection, cytokine interruption, spleen/lymph support tincture formulation: Dan Shen (3 parts), red root (2 parts), cinnamon (1 part). same dosage as above.

With active infection: very strong boneset tea, to 6x day.

I have used this with other corona virus infections, including SARS, it works well.

:confused: idk

Steve Jobs would still be alive had he just done chemo early and not done herbal medicine

Also is this guy a epidemologist or virologist

If he’s not you should take it with a grain of salt

Be careful Travis

If he has no experience in a Level 3 or 4 lab he should not be preaching a cure

That’s just dangerous for certain portions of the population seeking herbal care over Western Medicine

Especially in the times we are entering in

No offence but if those herbs were effective, don’t you think Scientists around the world would be testing them …

I don’t think he’s making claims of a cure. His work on Lyme disease has been studied a lot I know. I think there’s always a place for natural treatment along with modern medicine. If our medical system becomes overwhelmed and people aren’t able to get treatment then home treatment may be their only hope. Some of the herbs he lists in what I posted have been researched and have shown promising results on treatment of some viruses.

This is amazing thank you. I’m assuming these are all tinctures and then combine

Even if it was effective, Lyme disease is from Bacteria, so irrelevant to Coronavirus

These are preparations for the immune system and they absolutely help.

Honestly I’m happy for people to poo poo herbalism because then at least the products will be in supply.

Yup ok. Do what you need to do

Yes but to call it a treatment is wrong

They spoke of 18 others being at other hospitals in area but do not discuss any further details about them.
That’s including the 6 confirmed positive cases they just annoyed the other day.

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A study on the effectiveness of Chinese skullcap on cytokine storms in T-cells.

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My people are finally ready to hear this