I am so confused about the purpose of this?

⤺ reposted by @perrichase from A patient in hanyang district, wuhan was declared “cured” and got discharged from the hospital on feb 26th, stayed at a designated hotel for further quarantine, and died on March 2nd.

I am so confused about the purpose of this?

to prevent people from openin their stores and spreading the virus

Not a lot of things can be explained by common sense in China :woman_shrugging:

Not without a common sense understanding of communism lol

If know China communist authorities’ management principles and its officials mentality, it is very normal government behavior in China.

Not considering the cost at all, the most important only thing is to keep current ruling communist system from any risk.

We all know vitamin C helps

Daily 300mg vitamin C tablets

I have been taking almost 2 grams = 2000mg for vitamin C a day… You will shitting a lot but pooping the natural way of cleansing your system.

I took a class on health and nutrition at Stanford school of medicine…vitamin supplements dont work. You need bioavailable macronutrients, not synthesized vitamins

Did the doomsday page on FB get taken down?

I should clarify, less than 1% of those vitamin supplements get absorbed lol

Aka Kale, Cabbage, deep leafy greens…


Awesome I just planted a bunch

Are you growing them in a sea of green or in rows?

its cheaper water and nutes to grow them in clusters, its also easier for them to fend off infestations and infections as well as block wind chill and other environmental conditions

Spirulina and Chlorella… Blue green algae

Yuup been on that wave for a while.

ive heard good things about algae. I think thats how you can produce your own oxygen in a bunker too. Growing stacks of algae