Hydroxychloroquine wasn't expensive enough to be a treatment, so it was vilified.

Hydroxychloroquine wasn’t expensive enough to be a treatment, so it was vilified.

Big Pharma had to make sure it could ‘cash in’ on the plandemic.

We see what you did there.

Gilead sets pricing for coronavirus drug Remdevisir, could cost over $3G.

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Pharma is total bullshit

Exactly what happened. 100%.

Yes. Agreed. …the wealth extraction experiment continues

guys check out black seed oil…until pharma took over the world, kings and sultans used black seed oil( black cummin) for treatments …

theres a research that it can be efficient even against cancer

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Correct. This works at the quantum level. I’d like you to look into the Spooky2 rife machine. :slight_smile:

Medicine can help but depends which kind and it’s like a stop gap. If you’re stuck on something forever after that, it wasn’t the solution. And it could be the best solution we’ve got and still not be the right solution. But again, yes, you’re not being told there are easier, simpler, cheaper ways to fix these issues. Control, money, social dogma.

Looking at frequency alone, once you buy a machine capable of achieving this, you’re not constantly spending. So it’s a cheaper easier solution that doesn’t turn you into a medical annuity.

It’s easy to see why we’re told we can’t heal ourselves. But as we’ve seen with Bengston and confirmed by not only his studies and Rife’s studies but the data in that CIA doc above - this is reality. It’s just not lucrative and reduces a control mechanism.

I urge all of you to look into suppressed health protocols. Many scientists and doctors had their labs burned down and their careers and lives ruined for coming up with solutions that were cheap and simple.

Some were even killed.

I have this for my family.

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