Hydrogen-powered passenger plane completes maiden flight in ‘world first’

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Hydrogen-powered passenger plane completes maiden flight in ‘world first’

That shows a change. The inventor didnt get suicide! PROGRESS :blue_heart::pray:

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ABC’s Jonathan Karl: ‘A big chunk of the country’ believes the press is now ‘the resistance’


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:zap: В Украине (Харьковская область) упал самолёт

Под Харьковом упал военный Ан-26, на борту которого находились 30 человек.

An AN-26 military plane crashed during exercises near Chuguev. Cadets of the Kharkov Air Force University were on the plane. 5 people are rumored to be dead

伙計們,一場可怕的災難。 一架飛機在烏克蘭墜毀。 人們死了。
烏克蘭總統沃倫米爾·澤倫斯基(Volodymyr Zelenskyy)說,明天他將到達哈爾科夫附近的An-26軍用飛機的墜機地點


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Guys, a terrible disaster. An airplane crashed in Ukraine. People are dead.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that tomorrow he will arrive at the crash site of the An-26 military aircraft near Kharkov
The regional governor said that 22 people were killed in the An-26 crash near Kharkov. Two people survived and the fate of four people is unknown.

The Presidential Palace of Ukraine announced that it will set up a committee to investigate the air crash.

В МВД уточнили информацию. На борту было 28 человек - 7 членов экипажа и 21 курсант.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs clarified the information. There were 28 people on board - 7 crew members and 21 cadets.

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September 25
:exclamation:On video — the moment of fall of An-26Sh, which crashed on E40 highway, while on approach to runway 16 at Chuhuiv Air Base
A voice over narration:
— We see the board - board comes in for landing
Turned on the headlights - backlight…
GDP is on the left
Board begins to steer sharply to the right
Board goes to the right… fall! BLAST!
According to initial data, 18 cadets and 5 crew members were on board. Then Ukrainian authorities clarified that there were 20 cadets and 7 crew members on board. Bodies of 25 people were found at the crash site, the 26th reportedly died in hospital

:airplane: #Air_crashes
25 сентября
:exclamation:На видео — момент падения Ан-26Ш, который разбился под Харьковом, на трассе Е40 при подлете к ВПП 16 на авиабазе Чугуев
По первоначальным данным, на борту было 18 курсантов и 5 членов экипажа. Впоследствии власти Украины уточнили, что на борту было 20 курсантов и 7 членов экипажа. На месте крушения найдены трупы 25 человек, 26-й, как сообщается, умер в больнице

“…самолет заходил на посадку и просто “вошел” в землю…”
“… the plane came in and entered the ground with his nose…”

However, in the photographs we see the intact fuselage and wings. While, according to the official version, the crash occurred because the plane caught the ground with its wing

AND…? Where the fuck is that broken nose? By which it entered the earth ???
Something the further into the forest, the thicker partisans …
That 23 on board - 18 cadets and 5 crew members
Then 28 … then 27 …
What the fuck ?! In my life I don’t believe that the Ukr Ministry of Defense does not know how many people they fly…

:arrow_up: We have a big problems with this plane that crashed in Ukraine!
A lot of unclear
— Why plane broke in half?
— Why a whole wing, which, according to of version, he caught on the ground?
— Where he took off? Departure airport is not reported anywhere
— Who operator? And with whom the contract for repair was concluded (this is stated on the state procurement website), but the company is not indicated
— WHO was on board? Besides cadets.
— If it fell during the landing approach (of vers), and people jumped out at low altitude, then where did so much fire come from and why almost no one survived?
I’m sure that won’t be any survivors at all

I don’t know what with this at military, but civilian planes are prohibited from landing with full fuel tanks.

:exclamation:In any case, the disaster looks very suspicious!
— Pilot reported a left engine failure
But why didn’t it landed with one engine? It’s quite possible
— People began jumping out at low altitude, but no one survived
— This means there was BLAST
Inside or outside is another question, but if explosion was outside (for example, rocket), they would not have time to jump out

— Где видео от скорых и пожарных? Нет ни одного видео
— Где видео пострадавших людей в больнице? Тоже НЕТ

— Where are the videos from ambulances and firefighters? No videos
— Where is the video of the injured people in the hospital? Also no

Hmm … black boxes found (flight recorders)

Also - then found, then not found

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September 25
:exclamation:This is what the crash site looks like from the air
:black_small_square:It wonder where the wings have gone (which were still intact in yesterday’s photos) and why the belly on the back of the plane is intact, while there is a hole on top ???
:black_small_square:It’s also not very clear how the asphalt was not damaged, while the forest belt in front (!) of the plane burned down …

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25 сентября
:exclamation:Так выглядит место катастрофы с воздуха
:black_small_square:Стесняюсь спросить, куда делись крылья (которые были целыми еще на вчерашних фото) и почему брюхо на задней части самолета целое, в то время как сверху дыра???
:black_small_square:Также не очень понятно, каким образом асфальт не пострадал, в то время как лесополоса впереди (!) самолета сгорела…


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More photos from the site of yesterday’s plane crash near Kharkov
The surviving cadet Vyacheslav Zolochevsky said that no one jumped out of the plane, as previously reported (RIA Novosti)
— After passing part of the route, at 20.38 the commander reported to the flight director about the failure of the left engine;
— at 20.40 - the crew requested a landing approach;
— at 20.43 - a long-range drive passed;
— at 20.45 - a plane crash.

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Еще фото с места вчерашней авиакатастрофы под Харьковом
Выживший курсант Вячеслав Золочевский рассказал, что никто не выпрыгивал из самолета, как сообщалось ранее (РИА Новости)
— После прохода части маршрута в 20.38 командир доложил руководителю полетов об отказе левого двигателя;
— в 20.40 - экипаж запросил заход на посадку;
— в 20.43 - прошел дальний привод;
— в 20.45 - авиакатастрофа.

:exclamation:Look carefully at photos
Can anyone explain why damn is it burnt from above but his belly is intact? And why the branches/leaves were not burned literally next to the charred remains of the plane

When I watched this movie a few years ago I knew this real and connected the dots when I first found out about the so called elixar of the elites. This is the scenes from the movie. Good disclosure here of what I see would be in the black world.

I never connected the dots till now as when I watched it back in the day I was just fascinated by the movie.

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