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Those pandemic bonds coming due in July! Better not trigger them!

By the way someone in UK today said that alcohol kills corona…

For sure one brandy/cognac/whiskey helps protecting from influenza like viruses

these will

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How does one help someone prep a apartment to keep viruses out and to a minimum inside apartment? Building has 16 units in it.

Let me find something that proves what I’m saying…

151 proof is 75% alcohol, is that right?

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look for “positive pressure room”

I think the first step is to have strict red/green zones and entry procedures. Correct methods in dealing with contaminated clothing/mask (how to take them off, wash clothes daily etc). Shower immediately after you dealt with the clothes. Fill all the drainage holes with water at least once per week so you don’t get splash aerosols from inside the holes that come from other units in the building (this was the suspected cause of a massive infection inside an apartment building in 2003 sars epidemic in Hong Kong)

Yeah those going for 20 dollars in the us

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