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:zap::afghanistan: Afghanistan’s first vice president Amrullah Saleh has survived what appears to have been yet another assassination attempt which killed at least 10 people and 16 injured in the bombing
Amrullah Saleh’s convoy was the target of a roadside bomb in the capital’s Taimany area during the morning rush hour
Amrullah Saleh himself received burns to his face and hands

:zap::afghanistan: В Кабуле совершено покушение на вице-президента Афганистана Амруллу Салеха
Заминированный автомобиль взорвался на пути следования кортежа в утренний час-пик в столичном районе Тайманы. Погибли по меньшей мере 10 человек, ещё 16 получили ранения.
Сам Амрулла Салех получил ожоги лица и рук


Could we be recalling military to assist in the damage done by the asteroids coming?

:afghanistan: The son of the Vice President of Afghanistan, who was with his father in the car attacked this morning, confirmed the absence of Amrullah Saleh’s serious injuries

:afghanistan: Сын вице-президента Афганистана, который находился вместе с отцом в атакованном сегодня утром автомобиле, подтвердил отсутствие серьёзных травм у Амруллы Салеха

We shall see

Kingman Airport (Arizona) - Wikipedia

The fight continues

Aggressive winds feared as California battles biggest wildfire season on record

BLM hit by a car, Rochester

San Francisco gym owners livid after discovering gyms in government buildings have been opened for months

I lift things up and put them down

Rich Trahan man I miss Lamb

Russian Aerospace Forces / Syrian Air Force combat aircraft have been striking militant targets in Idlib province all day.


for those interested in AI🥰
Have just found a free 400-page AI Handbook at
It has 15 chapters, 3000+ journal references and no advanced math. Author - Steve Shwartz

Seems not too complicated lol :sweat_smile:

We will start class in an hour

Sad :disappointed:

Dozens of scientific journals vanished from the internet: no one preserved them

Tucker Carlson GOES OFF on Critical Race Theory in the Military

Hmm… Very odd

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