How to EMP Proof Your Car

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Awesome I had this on my prep list especially with the solar minimum

Also not trying to be political just interested to see how much (all politicians and videos can be faked) and just curious to see what happens

that;s nothing

wanna see Deep Fakes

Ultimately divid and conquer but still very wild. I mean I could imagine even a president could die and under covid someone could be running the show… wild to imagine. Then what’s more fun is fake alien invasions. Holograms are even more wild.


go take a close look at the Celeberties that are rumored to be at the Spa

then really really study the accounts on Instagram


but anyway

move that to Disclosure

Deep Fakes are emerging tech

which will be part of Future Kidnappers Tool Kit

and represent a threat to High Value targets

I will! I love that stuff!! It’s insane! I can’t wait for the reveal from Elon Musk too. Blue wizards are so fascinating

one of the reasons most in the Blue World are chipped

is due to Kidnap prevention

and emerging technology like Deep Fakes

They are kept from enemies to snatch them up. Makes sense and track them to keep them in check perhaps.

a lot of families wth K&R policies are chipped

and part of the policy

is they are not to disclose this fact

Makes sense so chipping can be used for ill intentions but also good intentions for the advancement of this advanced technology

granted you have many crying and bitching about being chipped

but what is the offset

no more kids being kidnapped

its an interesting upside

This is definitely part of the world beyond the mass society

versus the whole 666 mark of the beast argument

It’s so funny I can actually feel into that world, the other world I have been to so many times and I was already told it was real. And now it has clicked and not that I don’t feel crazy anymore but I was indeed accessing and seeing these different realm. It all makes more sense. Thanks haha :sunglasses::+1: