How I survived coronavirus" Jia Na, a 24-year-old girl in Wuhan, managed to survive the #coronavirus infection after self-quarantine at home for 11 days.

⤺ reposted by @adunlap from #coronavirus confirmed cases will pass 40,000 by Feb 8th.

She’s got another 4 weeks of virus shedding at least.

We have a hardcore theory;

On the world have 8 billions of people…

The virus get worldwide…

With a deathrate from 30%
Get: 3.2 billion of deaths

With a deathrate from 60%
Get: 4.8 billion of deaths

Oke, how many people have

Food, clean water and everyday wosch your body ??

Over to 5 billion people of this world have not this thinks.

We mean this virus is a bio wappen for people of the
3. World…

Have you heart is one people die on the high civilys ???