How epidemics like covid-19 end (and how to end them faster)

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Looks like a mathematical modeling class I have been in a while back with those animations.

要趁着还可以找到耶和华的时候寻找祂, 趁祂还在附近的时候求告祂。 愿邪恶的人停止作恶, 不义的人除掉恶念。 愿他们归向耶和华, 祂必怜悯他们; 愿他们归向我们的上帝, 祂必仁慈地赦免他们。

以赛亚书 55:6 - 7 CCB :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Find Him while you can find Jehovah, and call on Him while He is nearby. May the wicked stop evil, and the unrighteous get rid of evil thoughts. May they return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on them; may they return to our God, and He will forgive them mercifully.

Isaiah 55: 6-7 CCB :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

I live in san francisco. Oh shit!

What is this specifically? Existing?

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0 confirmed case in sf so far……

San Mateo is 15mins away

I have an orthodontist apt on this Friday in SF. Still don’t know if I should reschedule it…

I skipped my dental appointment today.

John Hopkins meter is bullshit

Thats what i was saying, but im told thats what most ad comps are circulating

Poor bastards for getting conned


Anyone here believes in homeopathy?

No, but I also don’t condemn those that use it as I believe it has powerful placebo effect. Unfortunately placebo effect doesn’t stop cancer or virus.

@Petadee thank you for your input

You are welcome. I am not a medical expert. Please use your own sense and judgement.


It’s placebo. Read the Wikipedia. It only works if you believe it works.

I don’t except it really works for me! :rofl: Like I don’t get it AT ALL, but my doctor has me try this one thing and I’m so sensitive it had a very strong physical effect on me. Bizarre. My husband thinks it’s junk. I think well it can’t hurt ?