How do you have a Nevada state employee's bulletin? I knew you were at Area 51!

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How do you have a Nevada state employee’s bulletin? I knew you were at Area 51!

Been hearing around the office that the factories still aren’t open yet, been hearing that some factories are open but postal service like DHL aren’t running much right now.

No one calls it that

Yes this might cause a huge problem for the economy

Any medics know what gloves will protect against viruses? Latex, non latex, a certain type?


重庆巴南区李家沱,小孩想出去玩,疾控人员不准出去,跳楼摔死了。把人在家里都憋疯了!!!!:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: Li Jiayu, Banan District, Chongqing, the child wanted to go out to play, the disease control personnel did not allow anyone to go out, she jumped off the building and died. Cabin Fever will drive people crazy at home! !! !! !!

#中共國 黄冈封城后每天只能吃一顿 恐酿人道灾难


中国 共 国 Once Huanggang has closed the city, we can only eat one meal a day. Wuhan, Huanggang, and other cities in Hubei have been closed for more than two weeks. A Canadian resident revealed to this station that more than 20 relatives in Huanggang were trapped at his sister’s house. Now they can only eat one meal a day and there is insufficient food. Mental stress, mental breakdown. The community police station patrols every so often, with a gun as his side arm shouting, “If you want to come out, break your leg. If you want to talk, just seal your mouth.”

#資訊 注意办公桌旁图案一一
各有分工,网警郭琪琪负责推特和脸书 # 信息 Pay attention to the patterns at the desk
Each has its own division of work, and network police Guo Qiqi is responsible for Twitter and Facebook

Someone’s making a buck somewhere

#中共國 政府罰賣1元 政府自己賣2元 # 中共 国 The government fines 1 yuan, the government sells 2 yuan itself

This is trailer 1. I am looking into hosting options that cannot be taken down



This is excellent @tatsuikeda

I think I might spin up a server on Amazon and configure a video streaming server. I have a domain I’m not using in Switzerland

Ok :ok_hand:t2:

I use Wistia for hosting. It’s a private video hosting site and they don’t censor content. Highly recommend

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