How do we know this person is real

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How do we know this person is real

Him in a joint USA CDC and UK DDC meeting in London

Lol New York Times still feeding the world bullshit


Anyway Xi is doing a tour trying to calm the public

Hopefully he goes to WuHan instead of just simply touring Beijing

Here are some pics in real time

And the public Suicides begin

平时都看不到上吊这个吧? The atmosphere of terror spread across the country.
Don’t you see this hanging?

Would u recommend a trip to new Zealand and Australia? Or should I just stay clear

New Zealand :new_zealand: yes

Many Silicon Valley elites have homes there

As a bugout location

It was getting to a point that the government made a law

Saying only Citizens can buy property

strength and honor morning to you Aires


Thank you

Keep sharing the videos

一个小孩:医生我可不可以晚一点死,我想把球踢完… A child: Doctor, can I die later, I want to kick the ball …

Wow they really are publishing my translations

Wtf :flushed:

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