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Any recent updates from out of Iran?

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:red_circle: کلیپ جام جم آنلاین درباره کمبود ماسک و اقلام بهداشتی

جام Online Jam Clip about Lack of Mask and Hygiene Items

:rotating_light: آرامستان شهر مرزی بندر آستارا استان گیلان و دفن شبانه فوتی کرونا

:question:قبرستانها را می‌توانید پنهان کنید!؟

ام Aramestan Border City of Astara Port of Gilan Province

You can’t hide the cemeteries /graves!?

:red_circle:زباله‌گردی در سطح شهر تهران ممنوع

دادستانی تهران در پی شیوع ویروس کرونا طی نامه‌ای از فرماندهی انتظامی تهران بزرگ خواست با همکاری شهرداری تهران مانع زباله‌گردی در سطح شهر شوند.

Trash bans in Tehran

In a letter to the Greater Tehran Police Command following the outbreak of the Corona virus, the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office, in co-operation with the Tehran municipality, has prevented landfill in the city.

:red_circle:جانشین معاون بهداشت علوم پزشکی گیلان:
این بحران نیست، جنگ است. کاش بحران بود.

ان Deputy of Health of Guilan Medical Sciences:
This is not a crisis, it is a war. I wish there was a crisis.

:red_circle:اینجوری مردم‌رو آلوده میکنن حواستون باشه به این بی پدرمادرا!

:red_circle:Some people are infectious so be careful about this daddy!

:red_circle:کرونا/تهران/پاساژ الماس ھروی/کسب و کار بسیاری از مردم بد است/مردم نیز چارەای مگر برگشتن بە خانە ندارند/صاحبان مغازە و خانه، یک ماه کرایە نگیرید
Corona / Tehran / Diamond Crossing Pass / Business Many people are bad / People also have no choice but to return home / Shopkeepers and homeowners don’t take a month’s rent

:red_circle: ویدیوی تهران و مراغه!

1 video from Tehran and Maragheh!

:bhutan: BREAKING: Bhutan reports first case of coronavirus.

Bhutan’s first case of coronavirus is an American tourist. He left Washington, D.C. on February 18 and toured India with his partner before going to Bhutan.

:north_korea: Chinese authorities have warned people to stay away from the border with North Korea, which is closed due to coronavirus, or risk being shot by North Korean guards - Reuters.


:guatemala: NEW: Guatemala President Giammattei declares state of emergency due to coronavirus. The country has so far no confirmed cases.

:vatican_city: BREAKING: Vatican City reports first case of coronavirus.

:iran: Despite initial resistance by Iranian officials against any city-wide quarantine, now all major roads to northern resorts (Gilan and Mazandaran provinces) have been blocked and no non-local is allowed to get in or out.

:israel: Israel’s Defense Minister Naftali Bennett has decided to place the entire Palestinian city of Bethlehem under siege, after several suspected cases of coronavirus were discovered there.

Meanwhile, 100,000 of Israelis are in loosely-enforced home-quarantines.

:red_circle:‏در کنترل کرونا عملکرد حکومت عراق بعد از ماه‌ها اعتراض و‌ درگیری و بدون دولت منسجم بسیار بهتر ازما بودند بدون تعارف ‌و به سرعت تمام مرزها را بستند، ترددها را محدود کردند و به طرز عجیبی شروع به تولید مواد ضد عفونی کردند؛ و در مقابل مسئولان جمهوری اسلامی چه کردند؟؟

In the control of Corona, the Iraqi government’s performance after months of protests and clashes and without a coherent government were much better off without us and quickly closing all borders, restricting traffic and strangely producing disinfectants; What did they do to the officials of the Islamic Republic?

:cameroon: Cameroon report first cases of coronavirus.
:serbia: Serbia report first cases of coronavirus.

News from today is that this hospital issued a notice condemning whomever that shot this video saying it is fake news. And they have reported it to the police.

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You need a full bio suit to be 100% sure

Got confirmation that this was yesterday. A J-10C crashed. The pilot ejected and is ok.

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I need a fact check

Some people says that in London a Chinese wearing mask was stabbed


^^^ for Aries

Talk about swift justice

I can’t find this story I’m sorry. It may be true sadly.


Not stabbed.

Some people are so crazily stupid…

Saw a black guy shouting at an Asian guy on metro. And actually sprayed him. Which is more than stupid.


Thanks a lot🥰

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You get stabbed easily in London if you are in the wrong place…not surprised

I see, thanks

I got attacked by a gang couple of years ago whilst walking the dog at like 8pm

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