Hospital in Italy

Hospital in Italy

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Can you include info. What hospital, where, numbers


That video got me placed on Telegram jail for a week


Hippa violation

Snowflakes reported me

Which country is leading in death counts??

Big time rules

F for smokers

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I wish you knew who did to boot them … room is for information and knowledge…


Sacrifice for the truth. Live the dream. :grin::raised_hands:

В Тбилиси из-за коронавируса опустели улицы.

Премьер-министр Грузии Георгий Гахария решил закрыть границы с 18 марта на две недели. С 16 марта ограничено передвижение граждан между Грузией и Россией.

В стране выявлено 33 случая заражения вирусом нового типа.

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In Tbilisi, the streets were empty due to the coronavirus.

Georgian Prime Minister George Gaharia decided to close the border on March 18 for two weeks. Since March 16, the movement of citizens between Georgia and Russia has been limited.

The country identified 33 cases of infection with a new type of virus.

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If this is true, who the duck opened Pandora’s box??? And what do we have to do to close it?

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Which video Aries ?

Hey all
Not sure if this has been posted & spoken on but anyone else have their favebook posts censored by FB?

And what are your thoughts on that?
Apparently everything that deals w Wuhan etc is being censored

This is the claim

fb sent their mods home and put the filters on auto pilot