Hopefully they come home safely!!!

Hopefully they come home safely!!!

⤺ reposted by @Insider20 from ⚡️🇺🇸 On the evening of July 30, during a landing from multipurpose landing craft on the coast of Southern California, AAV-7 amphibious assault vehicle of the 15th Expeditionary Force of US Marine Corps sank

Tomorrow evening

Tenet is Gold and Blue

since looking glass device

crosses fingers

All Nolan films have deep shit in them, the Prestige, magick, Tesla, illusions and slight of hand, brilliant.

its on purpose

they grew up in the program

many of them did

All will be ok! :ok_hand:
Kids love Elon

kids yes they like Elon

but not military

speaking of which

Boris any new fighter jets or military go down this week?

Eurofighter Typhoon fighters of UK Royal Air Force from NATO Air Police Mission in Baltic States were raised today to identify and escort the Il-38N anti-submarine aircraft and two Su-27 escort fighters of Russian Navy.

Russian planes went along with the Project 949A Antey nuclear submarine missile carrier K-266 “Oryol”.

  • the Chinese have great teachings, there are many promotion on Chinese TV about invincibility of PLA, etc.
    It has to do with Taiwan, teachings there

special dish is kavurma, usually made of fresh meat

:eyes: nice

other stuff involves holiday celebration of friends and relatives, kids getting pocket money and visits

which you end up served lots of desserts