Hope you don't think that is Trump on the bed. That most definitely is not.. doesn't look remotely like him.


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Hope you don’t think that is Trump on the bed. That most definitely is not… doesn’t look remotely like him.

Less flights of Nashville now as we get closer to debate time

they are clearing sky fast 4 birds left

Remember when the flights stop :stop_sign: that’s the time to worry

We are not there yet

Carry on business as usual

Remember Bunkerland website

Remember crowbar

Remember copies of Alexandria placed inside Faraday cage along with Ledger Nano

2 left its empty air pretty amazing when you watching them push 120 planes out of the area within 45 min

U.S. Crop Report Signals Worsening Global Food-Insecurity Crisis


Nashville skies are empty …

Keep stocking up be selfish!!!

Be Selfish!!!

Hoarding is a Myth!!!

Hoarding is a myth,

Hoarding myth is used so Goverments can have someone to blame and not acknowledge that rationing must take place due to a break down in the supply chain.

They don’t teach that at an Ivy League School but the sure as hell teach it at the National War College

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