#HOMEWORK specifically read this thread 🧵

#HOMEWORK specifically read this thread :thread:

Weekly Observations: What signs of collapse do you see in your region? [in-depth]


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I see more and more divide and conquer tactics being succesful given how protests and demonstrations become violent.

In some countries it became clear that the government instructed police to violently end these protests / demonstrations where normally this level of violence was not necessary.

This leads to the polarisation of societies.

The other thing i recognise is that all the economical support is in many cases not working because people in need dont qualify for it.

There are some things of interest. But reddit is filled with cry babies and the spineless. This reminds me when I would read tumblr posts for a pick me up. My point being from what I’ve read so far is that there is one piece of interesting intel for every 5 pieces of double masker.

That’s what Intelligence is like :+1:

Using critical thinking :thought_balloon: to find Actionable Intelligence

I’ve got my shovel ready. Do we have an established collection point for useful data?

Weather reports are interesting and in tune/consistent for the 2020s heading into a Solar Minimum

Might be a parody flag, but this is a very useful skillset to have.


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something very small but when ordering groceries online most all items have limits of 6. That is new. Meaning I think products are not coming in as quickly and we may start see many more items not available or much higher costs.

Diversity Equity Inclusion is a SCAM just like Multiculturalism and Critical Race Theory

All three are Anti-Meritocracy

Wizard Thiel explains it best


You each create your own Merit!!!

:clown_face: Clown Worlds greatest hits 2021

Guiness Book of Fucking Retards

:clown_face: Clown Worlds greatest hits 2021

We are reaching levels of Clown :clown_face: World That Shouldn’t be Possible

Might as well put a Honkler on your guns

HK MP5 Clown World Variant :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

Thank you RT this is the type of Intel we like to share

Your welcome. This is one of my favorite telegram groups. I get more info from here that benefits me in the future. There are so many that continue to repeat the same posts so you know it is controlled by the same people. It makes me question them.

Greg Gutfield On The Mainstream Bias Narrative

Just like we said :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

George Gascón’s office to disband LA County DA Hardcore Gangs unit. Three weeks after FOX 11 reported on major changes possibly coming to the way Los Angeles prosecutes gang-related crimes, FOX 11 has obtained an internal memo indicating that George Gascón is disbanding the County DA Office’s Hardcore Gangs unit. The latest comes as sources in the LA County DA Office’s Hardcore Gangs told Melugin last week that they were informed by the office’s upper management that their unit will be downsized. On top of the downsize, the unit will be renamed because “administration doesn’t like it,” Melugin reports. According to the internal memo obtained by Melugin on April 7, the Hardcore Gangs unit will be replaced with the “Community Violence Reduction Division.” (Read more.)

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Also the more these Police Departments are destroyed and the more businesses and Yuppy Exodus continues, The More Transfer of Wealth will go overseas and the more people will get into Bitcoin and increase it’s meteoric rise. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Liberal College Campuses everywhere.

Same Shit

Different Century


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