Holy shit this is so bad

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Holy shit this is so bad

It really is Aries

Is this Port of Los Angeles

An “emergency notice” was sent out to all patients that are to be discharged from one of the container hospitals in Wuhan, stating that because a large number of discharged patients tested positive again, they will add an antibody test to the usual test kit to make sure that no further reinfection happens in the future.


Looks like this reinfection thing is not in the minority of the discharged patient.

Woot! Media in Norway confirms the virus has mutated and there are now 2 strains.
Maybe that’s why people can be reinfected?

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Again this proves that numbers out of China is highly dubious. They can conveniently say that everyone is “cured”, while in fact a large number of them are not.


Jimmy this Actionable Intelligence from the Port of Los Angeles. My assessment there will be riots.

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Actionable Intelligence from the Port of Los Angeles. My assessment there will be riots.

Shortages of everything and anything that’s made in China, keep preparing do not take this grace period for granted. Prepare!!!


It’s all over internet now, but here’s from Norwegian media

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Oh boy. This is what I wondered about

Wow. That crazy… Seems like it was designed to do this? That would keep it flying under the radar for awhile… the second infection is the lethal one… is that right? I thought I read that somewhere.

I wish people would understand that, " i SurViVeD SaRS"

Let them burn

According to research coronaviruses easily mutate. It could just as easily mutate to be less lethal.
There’s a lot of rumours and noone knows for sure yet.
We’ll just have to wait and see.

The other big newspaper in Norway posted a video today explaining that normal flu virus has killed a lot more every year and everyone shouldn’t worry.
For some reason that video was removed later today.
I guess the cat is out of the bag :man_shrugging:t3:

There are still a lot of people that considers this mass hysteria since the current number of cases in Norway is 90 and none of those has a serious illness and 0% dead (yet😏)

Thank you. I do believe based on autopsy reports this is way worse than influenza type A and B. It is too new to know what exactly is happening with it… I believe China has hidden the numbers of how many deaths there really were and I read reports that China destroyed documentation on their research of this particular virus. which leads me to conclude that they either manufactured the virus or they don’t want anyone to know the actual fatality of it… It seems like something is being hidden by the government. and by the time other countries catch up in our country catches up with the science and the research were already can it have a lot of loss

Yeah! It is definitely way worse than influenza and it’s not instead of influenza, but in addition to.

This was the perfect storm of virus’s combined into an unstoppable monster ! All that I’m reading, this is going to eventually get all of us !