Higher incidence of discontinuation of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors due to cough in black subjects. - PubMed - NCBI

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The article also said there was no significant difference of discontinuing 3 other ACE2 inhibitors. Their concluding remarks are a stretch to say the least.

CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest that there may be a race- or ethnicity-related difference in the prevalence of cough attributed to ACE inhibitor therapy. Although a race-related difference in ACE gene polymorphism has been suggested, further work is necessary to define the biological reason and pathophysiology for such a difference.

But this just one study… one example that there are difference between races… never mind… or at the end someone can tell me that I racist… I text before… if the hospital ask you the ethnicity and race before blood exam and treatment probably there is a reason…

And for now number out of China are wired…

I think we need to make an app and have it in place as a contingency plan. If they knock out communications and take down telegram as well, I’d want to still be in touch and knowing what’s true with people here

  • where your from

  • where you’re from :see_no_evil:

you can try to search in any magazine or scienrifico lobro where you prli of the various blood values ​​… I put below an extract of any vademecum for blood values:

What are the reference values ​​of these indices?

WBC: 4000-10000 / mm3
RBC: 4.5-6.3 million / mm3
HGB: 11.5-17.2 g / dL
HCT: 31-49%
PLT: 150.000-400.000 / mm3
The data reported refer to an adult (Caucasian white race) the reference values ​​of infants and children are different and vary over time.

The reference values ​​differ in relation not only to age and gender, but also based on race. For example, males in the Afro-Caribbean area normally have a number of white blood cells that varies from 2800-9500 / mm3, while for women the reference value is between 3300-9800 / mm3. As well as platelets, in the first case the reference values ​​for males is between 122000-313000 / mm3, for women between 149000-374000 / mm3. In African males the reference value of white blood cells is between 2800-7200 / mm3, that of platelets between 115000-290000 / mm3. In African women the reference value of white blood cells is between 3200-7800 / mm3, that of platelets between 125000-342000 / mm3.

Why they say “caucasic white race”

I made last year in us (orange city Florida) blood exam for “gotta” and when I arrived in ER the first question was” race? Ethnicity? Sorry but you need to know for reference values :woman_shrugging:t4:

I’m from Italy, but I live here just 6 months a years. Other six between Florida and Costa Rica. And you?

No mask :mask: in Spain

I work in a diagnostic lab.
They are called reference RANGES for a reason. Different ones for males, females, children.
It dosent matter to me what ethnic background you have. We have standardised ranges based on sex.
In any event this is completely irrelevant to ACE2 and I’m not sure what your point is

If Drs were asking you where your from or where you travelled it’s likely they want to know what diseases are in those countries and what your susceptible to based on your travels. Nothing else

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None in Australia either. Even hand sanitizer is sold out.

No, they don’t ask me where I traveled… for gotta doesn’t care… they ask me for range to consider for blood exam the doctor told me :woman_shrugging:t4:

Ok setting up a batch

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My point is that is wired the spread inside and outside China and I try understand. 2 infected without masks (they didn’t know that they are sick) traveled around Italy for 10 days and after the quarantine period there are no cases… so I’m trying to find out how is possible… confront my opinion with other points of view…”we are all in the same ship”

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Yup same here where I live. 15 cases from 1 week ago. No further new cases. Either our governments are lying to stop panic or the virus really does have a long incubation (up to 24 days, according to Lancet article). Time will tell

These videos don’t seem like they are dressed up in full body suits like the others. How old are these videos

#觀點 武汉视频,这个视频可以解释很多争议。昨天不是有人说可以出门吗?这是武钢的职工。没有通行证直接不能上班!不能开车!被警察拦下。#Opinion Wuhan video, this video can explain a lot of controversy. Did n’t someone say yesterday that he could go out? This is an employee of WISCO. Can’t go to work without a pass! Can’t drive! Stopped by police.



A day

But no more than 48 hours

To sometimes minutes

How are u getting these videos

I am also curious.