Hey @no_itsmyturn, there is a congo line of planes from Qatar and UAE heading towards Baghdad, is this normal traff…

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@hiddeninthegarden look into it

@david_762 and Winter help if you can

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NASA moon-landing tech hitches ride to space on Bezos rocket

Battle of the NYC Jews is heating up.

playback for QTR3GC looks normal
will do a deep dive now for flight n region

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current Region Snapshot -sector within blue

same sector -deep dive irregularities

deep dive 2 - irregularities

@AriesAzazel other than that 537 flights in area seems standard for time of day
will look again in 6 hours at this sector

end report

You know what this looks like

An Exodus

I see this as the Rich are fleeing

could be an evac order

To London

ill look closer at london

Quatrain Elites fleeing


The Gulf Oil rich kids ship their Exotic cars to London in the early spring and stay in London Spring to Summer

192 flights into London in last 3 hours is 25% above normal …

Then ship the cars back Late September to October

This is a 180

Of what’s I expect from a rich kid 18 to 35 from Qatar would do who clubs in London in the summer

large planes going nowhere

This makes no fuckkng sense

Unless it’s a mass exodus

the numbers are worse if we go back 36 hours over 539

So… War with Iran?

Military are obligated to stay

war region could explain the flight path changes , but not the volume increese

airspace over Iran 22 flights currently

empty airspace over this region

Looks more likely than other