He's basically saying, "Some people will say damn near anything," and Cooper's playing dumb.

Around 3,700 Swedes received false-positive COVID-19 test results thanks to a faulty testing kit from China, according to Reuters who cited a statement made Tuesday by Sweden’s Public Health Agency. The statement said that the kit was unable to distinguish between a very low level of the virus and a negative result.

Unable to distinguish between a very low level and negative…that sounds completely worthless

As the asymptomatic people (majority?) Are in this position

:sweden: Riots broke out in Sweden after one of the leaders of the local ultra-right party “Hard Line” burned the Koran
Malmo is home to the largest Iraqi community outside of Iraq itself - up to half a million people, mostly Shiites. During the time of Saddam, Sweden cooperated with Iraq and willingly issued them visas.
The Hard Line party advocates the prohibition of Islam and the deportation of all “non-Westerners” who have been granted asylum

:sweden: В Швеции начались беспорядки, после того как один из лидеров ультра-правой партии «Жесткий курс» сжег Коран
В Мальмё проживает самая большая община иракцев за пределами самого Ирака - до полумиллиона человек, в основном шииты. Ещё во времена Саддама Швеция сотрудничала с Ираком и охотно давала визы.
Партия «Жесткий курс» выступает за запрет ислама и депортацию всех «незападных лиц», которым предоставлено убежище


Anti-monopoly war going down


:de: More than 2,000 gathered in front of the Russian embassy, officials were pelted with bottles and stones
The crowd broke through the police cordon and demolished the barriers in front of the Reichstag
:exclamation:Bundeswehr troops and Leopard battle tanks are moving to Berlin

:de: Более 2000 собрались перед посольством России, чиновников забросали бутылками и камнями
Толпа прорвала полицейский кордон и снесла заграждения перед Рейхстагом
:exclamation:В Берлин движутся военнослужащие Бундесвера и боевые танки Leopard


In places, protests in Germany are taking on a funny shape: some protesters chanted “Putin! Putin!”
When one of them was asked “why Putin?”, he replied that only Putin can put pressure on Trump so that he does not withdraw troops…
At the same time, others (mostly right-wing) were demonstratively paying tribute tributes to Trump and Putin

What exactly is happening in Berlin?

I’m seeing different stuff

Anti covid restrictions protest?

Patriots protest? (German QAnon supporters)

Robert Kennedy spoke there

I’m seeing reports that they want the resignation of the german govt

Aries told us here that there were rumors of a coup taking place today

And against covid restrictions, and against Merkel’s policies in general

But the protesters obtained permission for the rally through the courts precisely as a rally against lockdown


Aight so officially it’s against lockdown and restrictions

Let’s see how it goes

Supposedly ppl from all over europe are going

Yes, they have long been demanding the resignation of Merkel government

Nobody likes governments that sit for decades
Merkel’s government has ruled even longer than Putin



Somewhere in India after another flood…



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There was a protest from different political groups. They are more or less against the way the gov is handling the crisis and against the restrictions. From a political point of view…they reach from unpolitical hippies to far right extremists.

A coup comes usually from “inside” the administration. I don’t think that the protests are close related to such attempt. Other events are more interesting… but that is indeed a conspiracy theory :grin:

Depends. Did Merkel keep her keys happy? Which keys have decided they want to allow the people to protest/riot and which have not? How strong is their influence?

Were her keys bribed by someone else to look the other way? Who owns the airline that was flying people in for free internationally to protest/riot? What’s in it for them?

There is info that protests in Berlin against Merkel are associated with Trump’s election campaign
Although Putin’s people also involved
Now they are making it clear to Merkel that if she goes against two monsters, she will be demolished

Any word on which airline was flying people in to protest?

Merkel became a bargaining chip in the game between Putin and Trump
She did not notice this in the middle of, and now she’s reaping the fruits of her own carelessness

not yet