He's basically saying, "Some people will say damn near anything," and Cooper's playing dumb.

wat lol

⤺ reposted by @miette057 from Speaker in UK, "A dangerous disease, a deadly disease, is sweeping across this land and across this world. And it is not Covid-19, it is fascism."

He’s basically saying, “Some people will say damn near anything,” and Cooper’s playing dumb.

Yeah, but the allegations are true though

And his mom interviewed on CNN and (she) apologized to Trump for what rioters are doing in his name. It seems like they provided opportunity for their son and this is the path he chose

wonder how many people out there getting rich on fake gofundmes


I think he was trying to call Cooper out for attempting to skew the narrative but it came out strangely. Seems to be taking the question personally, which… that’s his son and now his world is turned upside down - who could blame him for taking it personally? He’s under duress and seems annoyed in general.

It’s not going the way CNN wants the Agenda to go

African Americans are not stupid


They are very much aware of CNN silence against child trafficking

And catching onto the Divide and Conquer Agenda.

My read on this was: “I’m not playing your stupid game.” Fair.


But isn’t CNN the one always pushing the race agenda? Their agenda should be to portray Jacob Blake as innocent as possible, and i think Cooper was just trying to get some answers to the questions that people have after hearing that he wasn’t innocent

Introduced by Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), a former Navy SEAL, the amendment got a prominent endorsement from the Starfleet captain himself, William Shatner.
Shatner lit an internet firestorm calling on the U.S. Space Force to adopt the Star Trek naval ranks for its officers and enlisted personnel. In an emoji-filled op-ed in Military Times Shatner said it should be obvious to everyone that space ships are led by captains, not colonels.

He was likely trying to get the father to rail against the allegations because it would be a sound byte and it would boost ratings. He provided a different sound byte from what Cooper expected, which Cooper couldn’t speak to without giving the game away, so he made an incredulous face and played dumb.

Ah, yes i see what you mean

Funny they never mention the Krambit

:de: On August 29, in Berlin, thousands of people rallied to protest against policies of Merkel and restrictions in connection with coronavirus
Bild estimated that around 30,000 people had gathered on the main street Friedrichstrasse
The authorities have attracted 3,000 police officers, and arrests have already begun in the Brandenburg Gate area. Arrived police water cannons and Thyssen-Henshel TM-170 armored personnel carriers

:de: 29 августа в Берлине тысячи человек вышли на акцию протеста против политики Меркель и ограничений в связи с коронавирусом.
По оценке Bild, на центральной улице Фридрихштрассе собралось около 30000 человек.
Власти привлекли три тысячи полицейских, в районе Бранденбургских ворот уже начались задержания. Подъехали полицейские водометы и бронетранспортеры Thyssen-Henshel ТМ-170

„ICH BIN EIN BERLINER" – Historische Rede von Robert Kennedy Jr. am 29.08.2020

Der Spiegel: The Berlin clinic “Charite”, where Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is undergoing treatment, has asked for help from experts on poisons and chemical warfare agents from laboratories of the Bundeswehr and the British army.

The request was sent to a closed military laboratory in Munich, where the country’s best specialists in poisons and chemical warfare agents work. The British research center for biological and chemical weapons in Porton Down was also contacted for information. The laboratory there was involved in the investigation after the attack on the Russian ex-agent Sergei Skripal with the Russian neurotoxin Novitschok.