Here's the video of Trump leaving the White House and boarding Marine One to head to Walter Reed hospital. He did n…

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Well he doesn’t seem to be moving in a manner that would indicate extreme breathing difficulties or excessive lethargy. I know all too well that looks can be deceiving when it comes to medical concerns. But at least he’s not being in wheeled in on a stretcher.

Phew! And when it all dies down a bit I can get back to re-cataloging my ‘Science Fiction’ collection to ‘Documentaries’.

I really need one of those “Make Orwell Fiction Again” t-shirts. :joy:


The old, Going to Hospital, Bunker switcharoo

“Make Switcheroos A Distraction Again”

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He doesn’t look sick, he looks concerned

another thing that’s odd

is they allowed the Helicopters circle Walter Reed

knowing the President was headed their

This is a major Air Space Violation

which to me reads like it was Misdirection

if he truly was on the way to Walter Reed, Secret Service would of told them BEAT IT GET THE FUCK OUT

not let news helicopters circle

Exactly, and later on, perhaps, announce he is there

If that’ll suit any specific purpose

makes not fucking sense

You have people shooting at FBI agents from the ground in Helicopters

you guys remember that

so no way in hell would they allow it.