Here's a SCMP version

Here’s a SCMP version

⤺ reposted by @0x17RDKD from China Officially Announces That The Coronavirus Can Be Airborne And Can Be Conditionally Spread Via Aerosol Transmission. - Thailand Medical News

If it as the same gene as HIV… Can’t be cured… Only suppressed with medications.

Thank you all for sharing this valuable information. :blush:

español alguien?

Today’s People’s Daily (official CCP commie paper) front page headlines: our life is sweet as honey - Xi jinping has been to our home.


Aries how did you learn that there are 850k dead in China?

Hes a crypto trader and has people based in country

He has been in bitcoin for over 10 years and has chinese bitcoin miners turned covid-19 reporters.

i see

The videos he shares are illegal for the chinese people and they are risking a lot to share the truth.

I respect it

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Most of us here do respect him lots. Even tho he never will know us nor us him. Competency

Thoughts ?

I am new and have been trying to keep up. I am thousands of messages behind though lol

First case community spread confirmed in my state of Oregon, Lake Oswego near Portland. It’s here.


Mark was a passenger on princess cruise ship who tested positive for virus.they transferred him to mercy
Folsum,Ca.He gives live updates on his facebook.


Iran has a 50% CFR

Photo from Maris

I got this… But can’t seem to find it anywhere… Is there someone here that can help confirm please

For any of you who like to geek out of covid diagnostics, I have a find for you: