Here’s an exercise

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Lol morons

Here’s an exercise

Play the card :arrow_up:

What would you do?

What would you do?

Literally we are going through this right now

What do you do tomorrow?

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Train goons

Play the card

But why not multiple trips

One to the Costco in Harlem

One to the Costco in the South Bronx

Or one to the one in Queens

I have been stocking for a few weeks I think I have 6 months food

May need more

Do you think I should leave nyc I think I should

Hey all. From The Australian bush here

Train goons?


Yeah it’s time jsit sucks we both have great jobs I love what I do

I heard you had a nasty fall tomorrow

And could not make it to work this week


Or got the flu everyone has but me recently

My sister my daughter my wife , here cousins here aunt , friends flu has been crazy in NYC

I use special toothpaste, made by a ex DARPA microbiologist

Haven’t been sick :face_with_thermometer: since I was away from my toothpaste once in 2018

What’s in the toothpaste

This is what Japan is writing about the US. Interesting. Yet they don’t have clear sources for their claims.

"The flu is rampant in the United States, with more than 14,000 deaths already. However, it has emerged that many of them were infected with the new coronavirus.

Influenza is rampant in the United States, with 26 million cases and 14,000 deaths already this season. Meanwhile, a surprising announcement was made by the CDC (Disease Control Center), the US tower for controlling infectious diseases. When examining samples collected from patients suspected of having influenza, it was apparent that many of them were not actually influenza. Already, major cities such as New York and Los Angeles have begun a major overhaul of their inspection systems. It seems that there is such a situation in the United States where the actual situation of the infection has not been grasped.

健康 In the United States, 27.5 million people have no health insurance as of 2018. It seems that many people who subscribe do not hesitate to go to a doctor because of the high medical costs, and rely on self-diagnosis even if they have symptoms. Although the CDC has not mentioned it directly, some people in the United States have pointed out that the spread of the new coronavirus may have already spread."



How bad? Hospitalization? Worse?

How do we reproduce ?? Some special inside knowledge

It was influenza B

My wife was sick for about two weeks my daughter beat the virus Easily and she has minimal

Her aunt did go to the hospital

Last year my cousins wife died of the flu not that it matters but she was Chinese. She died in 7 days from symptoms

It probably has probiotics in it with out fluoride. We have 10x the amount of bacteria on us than we do actual cell structure… Keeping an 80/20 balance of good bacteria to bad bacteria usually will keep you healthy an not sick while feeding the cells the proper elements they need to be :muscle: like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, sodium… Etc…

everyone please read this pic thoroughly. these are dire predictions. it might actually be worse than i thought and i already thought it was pretty bad. its a possibility that we will see people dropping dead in the US in the coming weeks. global economic crash in march - about a week from now. please please please be prepared and start telling your friends and family to do the same. i pray for all of us.

This is hard to read.

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