Here it is another Intel exercise

Here it is another Intel exercise

Read and analyze this, see how many keybpoints you can find

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What you mean by “key points”?

Seems like a lot of mistakes… my first guess is that the guy is not dead.

  • Lots of complacency same thing could have happened to an experienced pilot that was running drills if he wasn’t paying attention.

  • they shouldn’t be training on multiple things at once, he should have nods trading first before anything else.

  • the test area should be clear of civies

List the Key Points out like an Intelligence Officer would

Or hedge fund manager would

The Sensors Unlimited site mentions that the 1550 nm laser is not visible with current night vision technology. The student couldn’t see the flashing from the ground. So I’m wondering if this may have been why. They mention that they were demonstrating a laser imaging device. And the exercise was held at White Sands which is for testing. Also, if the equipment is experimemtal, why are they having a student on a first time run demonstrate it? When he shoots in the wrong direction, no one checks and no one corrects him. When they missed the safety exercise, they should have rescheduled the safety exercise instead of pressing on. Holbrook was there representing SU to demonstrate this tech to the Dutch AF. They leave that part out of the article. Holbrook was not wearing any safety equipment. They fail to mention that as well. The instructor described the exercise as “unusually complicated.” They leave this out as well. The court documents mention the targeting laser was not visible. Omitted from article. Even after the MJ11 felt concerned to the point of having the hair on the back of his neck stand on end, they still do another run - why? Also omitted. “The sparkle looked different.” Then why not confirm?

“The real target at SA-8 had no lights.”

Statistically, too many things went wrong where they should have pulled the plug on this but they didn’t, and kept going even after they say they felt things were not right.

correct all good points

here is more.

what we wanted you guys to pick up on

The U.S. government will pay $24.6 million to the widow of an Air Force contractor who was killed after an F-16 accidentally strafed his position with 20mm rounds

court records show

A retired Sargeant tactical air control became a contractor and was hired at the base.

The exercise was a live fire

Incident was a White Sands, NV. Research White Sands history.

Rental cars were aligned as target.

What the Master Sargeant was doing on a rental car? Does private personnel is forbidden to access site in their own vehicles?

Student and instructor identified as John Doe’s

They were demonstrating a laser imaging device

The device was for the Dutch Air Force

Pilots are using night vision, (stealth missions)

Vulcan cannon ammo was used.

Events happened in 2017, lawsuit filed on 2018.

“Sensors Unlimited” is the private contractor

Impact of Covid-19 on Shortwave Infrared Equipment Market, Future Growth 2020-2025 , Sensors Unlimited (US), FLIR Systems (US), Xenics (Belgium) etc. – TechnoWeekly

Goodrich to Acquire Sensors Unlimited |


Sensors Unlimited awarded US Air Force R&D contract | Vision Systems Design

I started looking up the funeral. Barrancas. I was trying to see if it was closed casket. No info on that.

Winter DJ Power

The date on the contract is 2004. This was 2017 when he died supposedly demoing the tech. Not new tech.

Back to the thought exercise.

USAF is willing to pay 26 millions instead of disclosing names or tech.

Back to the thought exercise.

USAF is willing to pay 26 millions instead of disclosing names or tech.

Analyze how many rounds were fired and only one hit the contractor in the head

Also he didn’t died immediately.

155 rounds.

M61 Vulcan

Was it a laser or special ammunition? Or a new weapon system?

20mm Round next to a .50 Caliber

Quick to pay out a lot of money to keep IDs hidden and not disclose anything but “we just kept screwing up and kept going anyway.”

“As a result, the student pilot received the go-ahead from his instructor pilot and “squeezed the trigger while the nose of the aircraft was pointed at the observation post and sent 155 rounds of Vulcan cannon ammunition toward the ground crew, blowing up a rental car and striking Chuck Holbrook in the head with a 20 millimeter round,” according to court documents.”