Here Are The 425 Billion Reasons Why WHO Refuses To Call The Covid-19 Outbreak A "Pandemic

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Wow :flushed:

Our govnernement is run by a bunch of losers

I am third generation American on my dads side . I am disgusted with my leadership today

…because US politics was previously beyond reproach? :smiley:

Atleast she is stepping up to the plate she wants the fed money before there is nothing left !!!

South kores is showing us how it’s done wit automated text when you enter a possibly infected area

Just think of the homeless population in SF!

Yeah yikes

And this thing. They are fucked.

My Berkey came today

brace for impact…



This is terrible, and who has such a mission? The pastor preached aloud: Our purpose is to die!

A Korean cult that caused widespread spread of the coronavirus. :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Lost pin?

Not me taking it down

Stop removing the pin

BREAKING: Madrid reports first case of coronavirus, 5th case in Spain in 24 hours

Shit like this is why I’m single

notice that most of the dates are today 25th

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Have a higher chance of survival with a dedicated team/group

Rosemary why are you playing with the pins

I have no problems with a group of team, there’s always power in numbers, I’m talking about dating and related crap