Help stop the Coronavirus Immunity Myth

Help stop the Coronavirus Immunity Myth

:pill:/:earth_americas: Collection of articles showing reinfections.

5-Mar: “Recovered” drops dead, surge of reinfections

28-Feb: Israeli “recovered” case tests positive again

28-Feb: South Korea “recovered” case reinfected

27-Feb: Xuzhou first case reinfected weeks after “recovery”

27-Feb: “Recovered” in Japan sick again: reinfected or dormant

26-Feb: 14% of “recovered” in Guangdong test positive again

21-Feb: Patient reinfects himself after “recovery”

19-Feb: “There is a likelihood of relapse”, expert says

14-Feb: Reinfection possible and even deadlier

31-Jan: Patients can get reinfected, no immunity after “recovery”