Hello! Any new cases in Amsterdam?

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Hello! Any new cases in Amsterdam?

1 confirmed infected today in Finland - some women came from Milano. Also Norway reported 1 case

I have been told microban is a great new cleaner. And not to use Lysol , odoban is not strong enough and neither is pinesol. Any insights ? This is my 3rd time asking you guys lol :sweat_smile::heart:

You can buy whatever you want at this point it’s not going to work because all products don’t prevent this new COVID-19 :microbe:
Everyone has given you an answer.
Now so have I.
That’s about 3-4 people giving you a response.
Is this good enough for you.

Def not pinesol

This is what is used in a lot of hospitals

Alcohol 70%

Alcohol 90%

None yet reported, there was yesterday the message of a dutch person in Limburg, Holland. But it was unconfirmed. Today the report of that was that the person wasn’t infected, however one of the german positives WAS also in Limburg last week, and the authorities were trying to check back the persons he was is contact with. Don’t know how you ever going to succeed with that, since last week was carnival🤷🏻‍♂🤦🏻‍♂ i mean, people partying by the hundreds

Okey good to know… Thanks again :pray:

You’re welcome

Long island ny has some infected iv heard now

In the mean time lot’s of people getting infected all over europe

So many and fashion week was just going on in milan so thats a whole
Other giant group of humans from all
Over the world…

Yea for sure… I come Amsterdam in next wook so thats why im asking…

Week **

My house gets filtered as of now😎

I am writing a guide for shopping it’s a lot of work


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It’s totally a lot n thanks boo!

Okay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart: