Heading to #Antarctica

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This is highly unusual

Since they never do this 2X

Think Greenland


We already saw them flying cargo and crew into Antarctica earlier late September

The rich are doing it as we speak

Yes they are actually pumping the stocks to get out.

Yesterday’s Exodus

Didn’t realize they were headed to bunkers now

Atta girl

Rich Qatarians headed to London

Got it.

Yesterday 192 flights into London in last 3 hours is 25% above normal …

Dang ok. Tic Toc. Hummm

Very close to UAE. Could be why. Peace treaty. Makes the area a target.

Australians are banned from traveling and yet!!! A Flight made it out headed to London just like the Rich elite Qataris

All headed to London.

War Games

I can see it now

US Army (Delta Force) detains Jack Dorsey, charged with Sedition and Treason

China’s President Xi tells his soldiers to ‘focus on preparing for WAR’ as he visits a marine base

The balls on this guy. (Or what they have on him.) Holy hell.

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